Orphans’ Futures Alliance

PROGRAMS OrFA is funded through personal donations/philanthropists as well as fundraising events in the US, and is run by 90% volunteer staff. In Vietnam, OrFA provides individual education scholarships and mentoring programs, for orphans from kindergarten to college/trade schools. In Thailand, OrFA is supporting educational fees for selected orphans in different orphanages, also from kindergarten to college/trade schools, with the plan to launch mentoring programs by the end of 2021. Our programs are administered and supported locally by a team of volunteers to minimize administrative costs, ensuring more funding can go toward supporting OrFA children. MISSION Our mission is to provide orphans in impoverished Southeast Asian communities with access to education and mentoring in order to break the cycle of poverty. VISION OrFA’s vision for the next 5 years is to expand the scholarship and mentoring programs to more eligible orphans in Vietnam and introduce our programs to rural communities.  In Thailand, OrFA will continue to support orphans with scholarships and plan to launch our first mentoring class in 2021.   OrFA continues to seek partnership and opportunities to expand to other Southeast Asian countries that would benefit from our programs. CORE VALUES
  • QUALITY ACCESS: Providing access to quality, education and mentoring to orphans in Southeast Asia.
  • AWARENESS: Creating awareness of orphans’ needs.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Fostering the development and success of orphans.
  • EMPOWERMENT: Empowering volunteers to be leaders in their communities.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: Creating viable partnerships with local stakeholders, donors and affiliates.
  • ETHICAL VALUES: Maintaining ethical values while doing business in Southeast Asia.
  • OrFA US Administrative and Associate teams plan and hold fundraising events and efforts. Funds are raised through donations by individual donors. A small percentage goes to help us maintain an infrastructure to manage OrFA in US, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • The remainder of the donations go directly to support the regional programs via the help of our regional operational teams, who work directly with our orphanages to vet participants, plan and organize events and our programs.
  • Through the scholarship program, OrFA uses the funds to cover tuition and school related expenses for each recipient directly (Vietnam) or works with partnered orphanages to provide education related financial assistance (Thailand).
  • Funds are also utilized to support the mentoring program and cover expenses related to providing personal and professional development opportunities for mentees through targeted activities and

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