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TERMS OF REFERENCE AUDITING SERVICE FOR YES CENTER HANOI PROJECT I. Background of ADRA in Vietnam The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is a global humanitarian organization of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, demonstrating God's love and compassion. ADRA has a presence in over 134 countries world-wide. In 1988, ADRA began operations, across Vietnam through ADRA Indochina. ADRA’s office has been located in Hanoi since 1993 and has implemented more than 200 projects in over 50 provinces across Vietnam. Currently, ADRA is implementing projects across the provinces of Cao Bang, Hanoi, Thai Binh, Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc and Vinh Long and its major areas of involvement are divided into following core portfolios:
  • Community and grassroots development and Good governance;
  • Livelihoods improvement;
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • Disaster risk reduction and Emergency response;
  • Health education;
  • Vocational training.
II. Project design 1. Project outline Project name: Youth Empowerment through Skills Training in Hanoi (YES Center Hanoi) Donors: Financed by ESPRIT, in collaboration with YOU Foundation – Education for Children in Need (Germany) Project location: Hanoi
  • Thuan My and Dong Thai commune, Ba Vi district;
  • Ha Dong district;
  • Vietnam Friendship Village, Van Canh commune, Hoai Duc district.
Project specific Objectives:
  • Empower youth, especially girls and young women through vocational and workplace skills training for economic self-reliance to take a leadership role in poverty alleviation initiatives in Vietnam;
  • Strengthen Disaster Preparedness/ DRR approaches and empower company leaders and staff to take a leadership role in DRM.
Result of the project:
  • Workplace skills for 500 youth (60% girls and young women) are enhanced;
  • 500 youth gained market driven skills to improve their economic self-reliance;
  • The possibility of 500 young people to enter successfully the job market, to sell their skills, or to pursue education/training at advanced schools or universities are enhanced;
  • Trainees are ready to act as Change Agents regarding DP and DRR;
  • DRM initiatives are developed and implemented;
  • 5 groups of the college graduates are equipped with relevant equipment and knowledge for running a “Start-up business” as a tool of self-employment.
The project is implemented in collaboration with Center for Women’s Development Support (CWDS) and local authorities from project location. Project budget: $ 180,000 EUR Project duration: Project period: 06/2017-12/2019 (with activities from 12/2018-12/2019) 2. Project Activity Description
  • Output 1: Develop skills and access to information and technology for increasing productivity among young people in Hanoi.
  • Output 2: Support the access to office management skills to promote decent employment opportunities to improve. economic self-reliance among young people in Hanoi.
  • Output 3: Strengthen company-based DP/ DRR approaches and empower company leaders and staff to take a leadership role in DRM.
  • Output 1.1: Soft skills for 500 youth (60% girls and young women) are enhanced.
  • Output 2.1: The possibility of 500 young people to enter successfully the job market, to sell their skills, or to pursue education/training at advanced schools or universities are enhanced.
  • Output 3.1: Trainees are ready to act as Change Agents regarding DP and DRR.
  • Output 1.2: 500 youth gained market driven (vocational) skills to improve their economic self-reliance.
  • Output 2.2: 5 groups of the graduated students are equipped with relevant equipment and knowledge as a tool of self-employment.
  • Output 3.2: Company-based DRM initiatives are developed and implemented.
4. Objective of the audit As documented in the independent auditor’s report, the objective of the audit is to ensure that:
  1. Stated project objective(s) have been achieved;
  2. All project income is properly sourced and identified;
  3. Project income was used solely for its intended purpose;
  4. The financial report of the project is fairly stated and reliable;
  5. Expenditures were legitimate and correspond to adequate supporting documentation;
  6. Expenditures were in accordance with approved budget;
  7. The intention for any deviation in the budget line items was disclosed transparently and without reservation prior to its implementation;
  8. All modifications to the approved budget are approved by the authorized individuals;
  9. Accounting records and documentation are at acceptable levels and are prepared in accordance with internationally accepted accounting standards; and
  10. Donor agreements, regulations, and organizational policies and procedures have been properly followed.
III. Scope of work The scope of an audit includes an examination of all underlying records and access to information without limitation imposed by the office being audited. Auditor shall perform procedures required to provide donors with reasonable assurance and confirmation whether or not monies received as income to this project were used in accordance with the intended purpose, donor agreement, and applicable policies, procedures, and regulations. The professional service provider will audit financial statements of YES CENTER HANOI project from Jun 1 st 2017 to December 31 st 2019. The professional service provider is expected to complete the following tasks:
  • Audit accounting records and financial reports of the project with time frame from Jun 1st 2017 to December 31st 2019. This task will mainly be done at ADRA in Vietnam’s office in Hanoi in 03 days. The tentative schedule for this task is January 8th – 10th 2020;
  • Final auditing report written in English is to submit to ADRA in Vietnam by January 21 st 2020.
Expected outcome:
  • The results of the audit shall be communicated in audit’s report which shall include a description of the scope and procedures performed significant findings and conclusion;
  • The audit report must also disclose any instances of funds being misused, any costs that are questioned, and any infraction from the agreement.
Auditor qualifications:
  • The auditor must be a certified or chartered accountant and must be licensed to conduct the audit in Vietnam and in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) and standards issued by the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) or similar international standards.
IV. Application for submission Deadline for application: December 25th 2019 Please provide us with your quotation for the service including the timetable of the audit, your service fees by email to:   Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position Du lịch nhật bản, hướng dẫn du lịch Nhật và đánh giá địa điểm Nhật Bản Japan travel news, japan travel guides, japan holiday destinations and japan reviews

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