Call for Consultancy: Evaluate the Actual Application of 1M5R, 3R3I & AWD + End-line Evaluation 

Terms of Reference

Local consultant to support Rikolto in Vietnam on:

  • (i) assessment on the actual application level of 1M5R, 3R3I and AWD of farmers in Dong Thap, Kien Giang and other provinces in Mekong Delta, and
  • (ii) end-line evaluation of the 5-year rice programme in Dong Thap and Kien Giang

1. Context

Rikolto (formerly VECO/Vredeseilanden) is an international NGO with more than 40 years of experience in partnering farmer organisations and food chain actors across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Rikolto runs programmes in 14 countries worldwide through seven regional offices. Rikolto in Vietnam is the Vietnamese regional office of Rikolto, located in Hanoi. We envision a world with production and consumption systems that allow poverty and hunger to be eradicated and that do not burden our planet more than it can bear. Therefore, we empower farmer groups to become solid business partners and implement future-proof, sustainable practices. We support them so that their products meet quality standards. We connect them with innovators in the food industry to explore new ways of doing business.

In 2017, Rikolto in Vietnam started its 1st phase of rice programme “Supporting Inclusive and Sustainable Agricultural Value Chain Development Benefitting Smallholder Farmers in Vietnam”.

With SRP standards training and application in the current programme, Rikolto is looking at potential reduction in CH4 emission from rice cultivation practices in the Mekong delta region. To prepare for our 2022-2026 programme design, Rikolto will conduct two work packages:

  1. the assessment to define a baseline for current practices in rice cultivation in the Mekong region delta, including the actual application level of 1M5R (1 Must 5 Reduction), 3R3G (3 Reduce 3 Gain) and AWD  of farmers, rice straw and stubble management practices, the potential for CH4 reduction in Dong Thap, Kien Giang and other provinces in MKD. The result will contribute to strategies of the 2nd phase.
  2. the end-line evaluation of the 1st phase of the rice programme at farmer level in Dong Thap and Kien Giang. The results of this evaluation will also feed Rikolto’s beyond 2021 discussion.

2. Objectives

The objectives of work package (i) are:

  • To assess on the level of 1M5R, 3R3I and AWD, rice straw and stubble management actual application of farmers in Dong Thap, Kien Giang and other provinces in Mekong Region Delta;
  • To assess the potential CH4 reduction level (CO2 reduction equivalent) in the rice sector in the MRD;
  • To identify potential private companies who are interested in SRP rice trading and processing and to exploring their interest in the carbon market.
  • To give recommendations on the way forward for Rikolto, including validation on geographical focus (provinces, districts, communes, cooperatives) and feasible target set in the strategy.

The objectives of work package (ii) are:

  • To assess the impact of Rikolto in Vietnam’s 5-year country programme (2017-2021) at farmer level;
  • To write the final report of 1st phase of rice programme following Rikolto’s guidance
  • To feed discussions and give recommendation on the strategic orientation of Rikolto beyond 2021, including the feasibility to upscale SRP and potential climate-smart livelihoods such as rice-fish/rice-shrimp farming system.

3. Scope of work

  • Geographical coverage: Given the target of Rikolto’s programme by 2026 is to reach 7000 farmer households, the assessment will be done first in the 2 provinces where the current programme is active in, namely Dong Thap and Kien Giang. Depending on the results, extending to other neighbouring provinces should be taken into consideration.
  • The assessment will take into account existing effort from other partners including government, INGOs (Oxfam, GIZ), private sector (LTG, Olam) as well as the ongoing support of Rikolto in Dong Thap and Kien Giang regarding SRP application.
  • Concrete proposal on geographical coverage for the programme is expected including provinces, districts, communes and cooperatives with clear assessment on their current practices and potential for improvement.

4. Approach and Methodology

The research should include desk study, field survey from diverse sources. Rikolto can provide data on farmer organisation’s membership and detailed SRP scores throughout the seasons and our local partners will provide reports on agricultural production in respective province. 1st round interview might be needed in order to explore the opportunities to expand the programme to other provinces (i.e. rice-fish/rice-shrimp farming system and SRP application). The team should work closely with:

  • Rikolto team and government partners (DARD and its agencies) at provincial and district levels in the targeted provinces,
  • development partners implementing projects in the Mekong Region Delta including but not limited to GIZ, Oxfam, KNE, the World Bank, IFAD, ect. especially those who provide support in Dong Thap and Kien Giang as well as other provinces identified by the team.
  • Private sector (companies, traders) in the provinces
  • Cooperatives in the provinces
  • Farmer households  

The research team should go developing methodology for data collection and analysis and present to Rikolto for approval before implementing in the field.

5. Deliverables and schedule

Due date


Anticipated maximum working days & description


Team leader

Team member


15 Jan Final methodology for work package (i)



  • 1.5 days for preparation
  • 0.5 day to finalize with Rikolto
20 Jan Desk study: data analysis, re-define geographical scope for field work



Field work  



  • 2 days for traveling
  • 12 days for conducting the survey for both work package (i) and (ii)
…………., 2021 Work package (i): A final baseline report



  • with identified areas of works and cooperatives/ companies as partners/ beneficiaries
  Data analysis




Report writing - draft





…………., 2021 Work package (ii): A final end-line evaluation report



  Draft report










6. Required profile

The team consists of 1 team leader and 1 team member

Team leader

  • Expertise in the rice sector, well understanding of the current practices in the rice cultivation as well as the value chain in the MRD.
  • Expertise with effectiveness reviews and counterfactual analysis, preferably with farmer organisations, private sector and in food systems (min. 5 years)
  • Solid understanding of change dynamics in food systems, agricultural value chains, private sector and farmer organisation capacity development (min. 5 years)
  • Capacity to provide critical-constructive feedback and transmit methodological improvements
  • Ability to write clear, realistic and relevant recommendations
  • Professional fluency in the local language; working knowledge of English

Team member

  • Profound knowledge of agriculture. Good understanding about rice sector is preferable
  • Demonstrable experience in the field of agriculture research, including data collection, analysis and report writing (min. 3 years)
  • Proven knowledge of and experience in implementing research methodologies including quantitative and qualitative data collection methods (min. 3 years)
  • Proven experience working as part of a research team
  • Good facilitation skills
  • Proficiency in Vietnamese and English

7. How to apply

Please send your application letter and detailed curriculum vitae with at least three referees in English as soon as possible by email to:

Ms. Do Thi Tiep

Rikolto in Vietnam Coordination Office

House No.4, 249A Thuy Khue Compound, Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi


The selection process will start on 15/01/2021 The post will be closed right after we have selected the candidate, but not later than 20/01/2021

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Job Details
Organisation Name: Rikolto
Application Deadline: Wed, 2021-01-20

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