Cash Based Assistance Trainer

Name of study/Training Cash Based Assistance Trainer
Country Vietnam
Location of the training Ha Noi
Proposal submission date July 1
End date July 25
Duration 25 days  
Organization Habitat for Humanity International Vietnam
Published Date July 1, 2022
                          1. Context and Background

Habitat for Humanity Vietnam (Habitat Vietnam) as part of Habitat for Humanity International network, is a non-governmental organization that has been in operation for 21 years in Vietnam. Habitat Vietnam has worked to fulfil a vision “where everyone has a decent place to live” serving the most vulnerable people through the provision and promotion of decent housing, water & sanitation, housing microfinance, and advocacy on land & housing rights with emphasis on gender equality and social inclusion.

Habitat Vietnam has been responding to various disasters in Vietnam through its expertise in shelter programming through its pathways to permanence approach supporting families affected from emergency response to recovery with various shelter programming interventions. The government of Vietnam officialized cash-based assistance soon after the flooding in 1999 where cash support was provided to the affected families during relief, recovery, and reconstruction of homes. Since then, Cash-based interventions have been growing significantly in Vietnam by various agencies and are widely accepted by the affected population, community, and local governments. 

As cash interventions remain a priority in Vietnam and in the region, Habitat Vietnam, is seeking to provide and strengthen knowledge of cash delivery mechanisms to the organization’s staff, partners, and local government agencies in Vietnam to roll out cash-based support in their shelter and housing programming initiatives.

This training will help participants increasing knowledge on the importance of cash-based supports, various types of cash transfers mechanisms, key issues, challenges, risks of cash deliveries in different situations, and the mitigative measures to ensure that cash transfer programs are delivered effectively. The training will guide the participants in making decisions in their shelter and housing programs.  

2. Scope of the Study

2.1 Objective

The Habitat for Humanity Asia Pacific cash programming project seeks to improve the capacity of selected Habitat Vietnam office and its local implementing partners in designing and managing cash-based programs. As cash increasingly becomes the modality of choice in extending assistance both in humanitarian and development contexts for its flexibility, relevance, and efficiency (CALP Network, 2022), Habitat Vietnam office and its partners seek to integrate and strengthen cash-based interventions in country strategies, programmatic frameworks, project plans, or day-to-day operations. The project has two interlinked components: Training and integration. 

2.2 Scope of Work of Trainer: Develop a basic cash-based assistance training package (Manual, training facilitation and report) that highlights

Introduction to cash transfer programming (CTP)
Why cash transfer
Types of cash transfer
Key issues for cash transfer
Cash program in different situations
Process of cash transfer
Monitoring, preparedness
Workshop: Country case studies
Workshop: Presentations and peer learning
  2.3 Methodology and approach

The consultant must contextualize the cash-based assistance into national and local context by developing the three days training curriculum and manual in close consultation with Habitat Vietnam Team and Cash coordination group at the national level before organizing/facilitating training.

  • Understanding of cash-based assistance at the global and national level.
  • Develop 3 days training manual.
  • Three days  training
  • Training report

3. Risks Management, Ethical Protocols, and Quality Assurance

3.1 Risk Management: Bidders should submit a risk management plan covering:

  • Estimates of the level of risk and the assumptions underpinning the successful completion of the proposals submitted and the anticipated challenges that might be faced.
  • Proposed contingency plans that the bidder will put in place to mitigate against any occurrence of each of the identified risks.
  • Health and safety issues and measures against health and other hazards. 

3.2 Ethical Protocols: This event must consider the safety of participants in cash-based assistant training stages, recruitment, and training, and report writing. Please note, at a minimum, the proposed approach should comply with international good practice with regards to training ethics and protocols, particularly with regards to safeguarding of vulnerable groups.

3.3 Quality Assurance Plan: Please submit a quality assurance plan that sets out the systems and processes for quality assuring the training process and deliverables from start to finish of the project. This plan should include the proposed approaches to:

  • Understanding of global, national, and local context of Cash-based assistance.
  • Cash based assistant training organization/facilitation.
  • Training report.

4. Target audience of the training

The target audience for cash based training will be national staffs of Habitat for Humanity Vietnam, Program implementing partners, Local Government, and humanitarian and/or development agencies/Platform.

5. Resources and budget available

The proposed activities will be completed and finalized before the second week of August 2022. The training manual should be submitted and finalized within one month of contract (before training) and final training report must be finalized before the first week of October 2022 in English.

Budget: Open

6. Timeline and output

Milestones and outputs for deliverables Deadlines
  • Set common understanding of global, national, and local context of cash-based assistance
August 2nd week, 2022
  • Develop and finalize contextualize three days cash-based assistance training manual 
August 4th week, 2022
  • Organize/facilitate three days of cash-based assistance training  
September 1st or 2nd week, 2022
  • Submit training report
October 1st week, 2022

Detailed steps, processes, need to be designed and their implementation timeline needs to be mentioned clearly on the work plan.

The allocated budget will be paid in three phases as given below:

Phase Payment stage Percentage
First phase After submission of the training manual 25%  
Second phase After completion of training 50%
Last phase After completion of the final report 25%

7. Management and governance

The consultant will be expected to submit the training manual and reports to Habitat Vietnam and attend all meetings as agreed with the HFHV. The team will be required to submit the update and progress reports to the DRR regional advisor or DRR manager.

8.  Expertise required and minimum qualification

The proposed consultant should include the technical expertise and practical experience required to deliver the scope of work and outputs with regards to:

  • Having knowledge and prior experience in facilitating Cash based assistance trainings
  • Having practical knowledge and experience in working with I/NGOs for humanitarian response
  • Having experience in coordination with the Govt. and partners, technical knowledge of shelter response and tools
  • Having experience in conducting / facilitating cash trainings in Asia / pacific region is an asset
  • A member of the cash working group nationally or internationally, preferably

9. Queries on TOR

In case of any confusion or clarification in this TOR, interested individual/organizational candidate can send their question to

10. Instructions to complete and submit Proposal.

Interested firms/individual should submit their proposal (Technical and Financial) both in soft copies or in hardcopies:

  • Technical and Financial Proposal including testimonials/certificates
  • Contact (email and telephone) of at least 2 referee
  • Receiving email: for softcopy
  • Receiving hardcopy proposal: Habitat for Humanity Vietnam R401, Building E4, Trung Tu Diplomatic Compound, 6 Dang Van Ngu, Dong Da, Hanoi Tel: (84-24) 37152615
  • Email subject:  Cash-Based Assistance- Name of applicant)
  • Deadline: submit the proposal no later than 5:00 pm, 25th July 2022.

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