Commissioning Engineer (ComE)

Working location: Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu

Organization: Faro Recruitment

Job Type: Full Time

Expired date (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/11/2021

Industry: Electrical/Switchgear



Required Competences


Mandatory (MUST)

  • University degree or technical qualification in engineering related field

Desirable (NICE TO HAVE)

  • Bachelor / Master degree in engineering related field


Mandatory (MUST)

  • EHS training

Behavioural and/or Technical Know-how

Mandatory (MUST)

  • Rigor
  • Grit
  • Enthusiasm
  • Team work
  • Leadership

Language skills

Mandatory (MUST)

  • Fluent in spoken and written English

Desirable (NICE TO HAVE)

  • Any other language



  • Location / Country Site worldwide
  • Organizational Unit Steam Power
  • Management Level PB / LPB
  • Reporting to Commissioning Lead Engineer ComLe (functional manager) Head of Commissioning of home organization (line manager)
  • Other reporting to Within the project organization, the ComE communicates with the project specific engineering departments and/or the engineering support offices regarding technical issues by arrangement with the ComLe.
  • Direct reports Other ComE or technical assistance team as per organization chart.

Main Duties

  • The commissioning engineer performs the cold and hot commissioning activities as instructed by his lead ComLe, in a safe manner, according to the quality rules in force on the project and the project schedule. The ComE is responsible for the preparation and execution of the commissioning, trial run, acceptance testing and inspection/measurements within his/her scope of work defined by the ComLe.


Tasks & Responsibilities

The ComE ensures that:

  • He applies the site specific rules, safety regulations and environmental protection measures.
  • Commissioning is performed in a safe and timely manner.
  • All available tools and ressources are utilized in order to achieve the goals of his/her assignment and to strive for continuous product improvements and cost reduction.
  • All activities high risk activities are carried out under PTW, according the site regulations.
  • If he is nominated as System Owner in the PTW process, he is responsible for securing and confirming TIP isolations under his scope of responsility.
  • Deviations from the agreed objectives are reported and that corrective measures are initiated in agreement with, and with the support of the ComLe.
  • Commissioning is prepared as specified in the work instructions.
  • Manage, perform, coordinate and monitor the commissioning of the specified systems in line with his ComLe’s instructions.
  • Organise and supervise the safe operation of the systems under his responsibility (site rules, safety regulations, shift log, etc.) from system turnover from erection until PAC in line with his ComLe’s instructions
  • Facilitate the turnover of systems from erection to commissioning and from commissioning to the customer in accordance with current procedure/work instruction in line with his ComLe’s instructions.
  • Perform commissioning according to the specifications and engineering documents, applying the safety instructions, site regulations, environmental protection measures and local regulations.
  • Ensure that the engineering department is involved in handling technical problems and decisions in line with his ComLe’s instructions
  • Ensure the commissioning, operation, quality record and feedback documentation are issued in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Hand over the commissioning, quality and feedback documentation and software (originals) with a document list to the ComLe for compiling and release.
  • Ensure that technical deviations are reported with a corresponding non-conformance report (NCR) and that the same are followed up until their completion.
  • Keep a diary to record daily work, occurrences, problems, special information, etc. plus a list of pending items.
  • Maintain logbooks to record commissioning and operational events as specified in the work instructions in line with his ComLe’s instructions
  • Advise the ComLe of any information that could influence the commissioning time schedule and/or the commissioning staff planning.
  • Manage, assess, supervise and co-ordinate personnel assigned to him/her, ensure his compliance with the EHS rules applicable on site.
  • Manage the handling and inspection of the commissioning test equipment.
  • Support and train other ComE’s in line with his ComLe’s instructions
  • Participate in site meetings in line with his ComLe’s instructions.
  • Train the customer staff in operation and maintenance as instructed by the ComLe.
  • Check the time sheets of the personnel assigned to him/her and forward the same to the ComLe.
  • Work off the open item lists of systems under his/her responsibility by arrangement with the ComLe.
  • Organise the return of all commissioning test equipment as soon as possible by arrangement with the ComLe.
  • Provide information to the ComLe for reporting purposes.
  • Issue before end of field assignment, a Field Service Report and forward the same to the COMM and ComLe.
  • Issue a performance feedback of all employees assigned to him/her to the ComLe.
  • Provide, on request, technical experience feedback to project engineering departments during debriefing meeting(s) organized by project or technology group.

Key Performance Indicators

  • No LTI in the team reporting to the ComE
  • For his scope of work execute tasks according to the MTS/STS/CMS
  • For his scope of work, complete all quality documentation, accurately and timely (ITPL, SWCF, test certificates…)
  • Follow properly training and performance development cycle


Area(s) where the position holder is the decision maker:

  • Right to Stop work, whenever sufficients EHS conditions are not granted.
  • Right to issue directives to other COM E’s and other personnel reporting to him/her with regard to process-technical matters.
  • Right to raise personnel issues to the ComLe.
  • Right to receive time schedule, cost and objective information pertaining to issues that are relevant to his/her assignment from the ComLe.
  • Right to contact directly the engineering departments and the head office for commissioning technical problems in agreement with his ComLe.
  • Right to immediately stop work and operation if the safety of personnel or equipment is in question.
  • Right to instruct technically necessary rework or modifications by arrangement with the ComLe.

Job specifics

  • Strong dedication to reach the project objectives
  • Very good team spirit
  • Able to handle the pressure

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