• Name of project: Consultancy develop position paper on Climate Finance for Adaptation in South East Asia to COP26
  • Duration (maximum number of working days)    11 days
  • Date:    6th August - September 30th


The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow in November 2021. One of the main goals for COP26 is to discuss and agree on adaptation measures to protect natural habitats, communities and build defences, warning systems and resilient infrastructure and agriculture to avoid loss of homes, livelihoods and even lives. The Asian continent is particularly vulnerable to climate change due to a combination of several factors, many nations in Asia cope with the effects of climate change while at the same time trying to raise living standards. Therefore, adaptation to climate change is one of the main focuses in policy advocacy efforts of CSOs in Asia to support communities to reduce as well as responsd to the impacts of climate change.

CCWG\'s key mission of the network is to advocate for enhancing the engagement of CSOs in planning and implementation process via the forum, dialogue, sharing the messages, and recommendations to decision-makers. CCWG is working with Climate Action Network Southeast Asia (CANSEA) and Asian Climate Change Consortium (ACCC) to prepare a joint climate change adaptation position paper of CSOs in ASEAN to present to policiy makers at COP26. In order to identify and consolidate policy recommendations from CCWG, CANSEA, ACCC members and other relevant stakeholders, CCWG is seeking for a consultant to work with us on developing the position paper.


The Consultant will work independently under the supervision of CCWG, CANSEA and ACCC to develop a strong position paper on Climate Finance for Adaptation in Southeast Asia from civil society organizations (CSOs) perspectives. The position paper should map the prominent finance-related challenges of countries to strengthen their adaptation capacity, with relevant examples of at least two countries. The challenges and examples are expected to have a strong reference to the environmental and socioeconomic background of the region. The position paper should also convey a clear message to highlight the key area of focuses for investment to be presented at COP26.

The Consultant will provide inputs to the draft joint position paper of CSOs in two parts:

Part 1

  • Consult with key members of CCWG, CANSEA and ACCC to identify key potential recommendations for topics, policies, etc., and prepare the draft outline of the paper.;
  • Design and facilitate consultation sessions with network members, and help organise consultation sessions with CSOs and other relevant stakeholders.

Part 2

  • Analyse the findings of the consultations and draft the first version of the position paper to be shared with CCWG, CANSEA and ACCC members for the second round of feedback, comments and inputs;
  • Review and incorporate the inputs and compile the final version of the position paper with a focus on: a) choice of language and terms, and clear key messages, and b) format, which includes the full paper and presentation to summarise the key recommendations.

Expected outputs:

  • Output 1: Draft outline of position paper following consultations with CCWG, CANSEA and ACCC.
  • Output 2: First draft of position paper with the inputs and recommendations from stakeholder consultation sessions.
  • Output 3: Final position paper and brief presentation summarising key recommedations.



Starting date of the contract is 6th August. It shall end no later than September 30th. The contractor will work on a freelance basis. Therefore, it is his/her responsibility to take care of necessary social insurances (health insurance, pension funds, etc.). The number of working days for each task might be adapted based on the actual needs, in consultation with FES and the consultant, and shall not exceed 11 working days in total.


Application package should include:

Technical proposal:

  • Proposed workplan and consultation methodology;
  • Signed Curriculum vitae;
  • Two sample reports, reference list of experience in similar or related projects to be submitted for evaluation.

Financial proposal:

  • The financial proposal shall specify a total lump sum amount in VND for Vietnamese Consultant and in EURO for international consultant.


Technical proposal:

  • Project understanding and plausibility of the workplan, consultation methodology (45 points);
  • Professional capacities: the strength of CVs, past reports, reference list of experience in similar or related projects (20 points);
  • Other added value to the project (5 points).

Financial proposal: 30 points.

Applications submitted as one file with subject line “Adaptation Position Paper Consultant” no later than 1st August 2021 to

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