Consultancy for “Marketing Advisory Services for Development of Coffee and Other Artisan Products in Lang Biang, Lam Dong”

BACKGROUND In an effort to support the provincial government of Lam Dong to implement its stated policies and plans, SNV – The Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV) has obtained funding from the International Climate Initiative (ICI) for a project entitled ‘Coffee Agroforestry and Forest Enhancement for REDD+ in Lam Dong’ (CAFÉ-REDD). Lam Dong province has been a frontrunner in implementing environmental programmes and approved a Green Growth Action Plan in 2018. Maximising the potential of the province for sustainable agricultural development and other nature and culture-based products is a key part of Lam Dong’s vision for continued rural growth. The project aims to establish and develop a public-private-producer partnership (4P) for forest landscape conservation and restoration in one of Lam Dong’s most important forested landscapes i.e. the Lang Biang Biosphere Reserve comprised of Bi Doup Nui Ba National Park and Buffer Zone in Lac Duong District. Activities will include; i) strengthening public sector capacity for climate smart/sustainable land use planning and collaborative management of forests with communities, ii) working with coffee-buying companies to improve monitoring and traceability systems to prevent deforestation in supply chains; and iii) investing in (mainly ethnic minority) smallholder farmers to promote climate smart, sustainable coffee production techniques leading to improved coffee quality and prices, whilst also promoting landscape restoration through mixed agroforestry systems and alternative livelihoods. SNV is working with several different stakeholders, primarily in the arabica coffee sector which dominates the district, to support growth and development of business that actively contributing to positive environmental outcomes, and sustainable development in the project area.
  1. Coffee companies. SNV has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with small and medium-sized coffee companies who are typically working in the ‘high value’ market segments, processing and roasting, selling the majority of their coffee domestically – B2B and / or B2C. In return for their commitments to buying deforestation-free coffee and working inclusively with farmers, the project agrees to support them with activities including capacity building marketing their produce.
  2. Community enterprises (non-coffee). The project includes an “off-forest livelihood investment fund” (OFLIF), the objective of which is to support small-scale entrepreneurs and the local farmer groups, especially young businesses and women-lead businesses to invest in employment generating activities that can sustainably enhance the income of local people. These investments increase resilience of the local people by diversifying their income sources, reduce their vulnerability to future economic, climatic, or other shocks and trends. A selection procedure based on impact, feasibility, sustainability, potential to mobilise additional investment and involvement of women was conducted. In total 10 enterprises have been selected and full list in Annex A.
  3. Farmer groups. The project supports the establishment and operations of farmer groups in the area with the purpose of professionalising coffee production and processing to fulfil market and consumer demand. In total 15 coffee farmer groups and one cooperative have been established. The project has also supported the development of these farmer groups in capacity building, farm management and equipment to improve productivity and quality, thereby increase income of farmer households.
  4. Lac Duong District People’s Committee (DPC). The Lac Duong DPC has been very active in implementing digital government and provided very strong support for agribusinesses and development projects on development and promotion of value chains such as deforestation-free coffee chains, artichoke and one commune one product (OCOP). It is expected that the digital marketing products for the Lang Biang area from this assignment will be managed and owned by the Lac Duong DPC.
Cafeì REDD is looking for a qualified firm/organisation to support several different project stakeholders to deliver new or improved marketing activities in order to maximise the potential of their enterprises.   OBJECTIVES The immediate objective of the assignment is to provide a range of different marketing advisory services for stakeholders in the Cafeì REDD project. These include the four groups of stakeholders outlined above: small and medium-sized coffee companies, non-coffee enterprises, farmer groups and the Lac Duong DPC. The aim of the individual tasks is to maximise the abilities of each stakeholder to market their produce. This will enable them individually and collectively to grow brand recognition of Lang Biang coffee and create strong brands and products associated with the Lang Biang landscape and values. The long-term objective of the project is that Lang Biang / Lac Duong is internationally and domestically recognised as an area where high quality coffee is grown and produced to high standards and associated with value of beautiful and important natural landscapes and cultural heritage. This will lead to increased demand for these products, enabling companies to scale up their operations and ultimately provide more and better employment and livelihood opportunities for local people on the coffee sector and other non-coffee enterprises.   TASKS The firm/organisation is requested to propose a task list, activity plan and number of days required for each task in their submission for this contract, based on the context provided above. The marketing activities should be designed to meet the needs of the stakeholders, who have been consulted on the proposed content of this consultancy package and can be consulted with further in the inception phase of the project. Broadly, the expected results are characterised according to the four different stakeholder groups and their different needs:
  • Develop digital content and digital platforms (including social media and website) for general promotion of Lang Biang coffee and other products from the Lang Biang landscape. This is expected to include:
    • visual story-telling through development of catalogue of pictures and short videos)
    • building and maintaining (until October 2021) a website for Lang Biang coffee, to be integrated and managed by Lac Duong DPC via (featuring content on Lang Biang coffee but other special products from this region, for example persimmon, artichoke and products from off-farm livelihood activities - herbal shampoo, traditional weaving product, agro-eco tourism, etc.) and transfer ownership and maintenance to DPC staff. The precise content and requirements for this task will be provided during inception phase after the consultant service is selected.
    It is expected that this activity would result in the increased recognition of high quality arabica coffee grown in and produced from the region and thereby increase the sales and marketing opportunities for coffee-buying companies. A total of 30 consultancy working days are estimated for this task.
  • Provide bespoke 1:1 advisory and coaching services on marketing strategy and activity to four partner coffee companies and stakeholders to increase knowledge and skills of their marketing team. This is expected to include 06 monthly meetings (in person or remote as appropriate) with each company to provide advice and support them on marketing. Our partner coffee companies include one medium-sized company (Tam Trinh) and three smaller companies (K’Ho coffee, The Married Beans and Chappi Mountain Coffee). It is expected that this activity would result in the increased recognition of high quality arabica coffee grown in and produced from the region, and improved marketing strategy and skills of the companies and their marketing teams, thereby increasing the sales of coffee for these companies.  A total of 40 consultancy working days are estimated for this task.
  • Provide basic training on marketing to the non-coffee enterprises and coffee farmer groups. This is expected to include 02 workshop (1 day) and follow-up activities conducted in Lac Duong or Da Lat targeting these small, and often newly established, enterprises.  The workshops will support the enterprises to develop simple marketing strategies, and to prioritise and implement suitable marking activities given their product, target audiences and available resources. It is expected that the first workshop will be more introductory, and the second will focus on specific needs of the audience depending on assessment by the consultant during the project implementation. The firm/organisation will be expected to:
    • Design appropriate materials and process of the training
    • Facilitate a process steering trainee before, during and after the training focused on developing their marketing skills and strategy for their business
    • Ensure trainees stay motivated, active, and responsive while commenting on work, monitor participation, field questions, stimulate discussions
    • Produce all training documentation and supporting materials & carry out the final editing of the training report
    The activity will result in increased capacity of the enterprises to develop and implement marketing strategies leading to growth and sustainability of their businesses. A total of 30 consultancy working days are estimated for this task.
  • Develop and support for the design and creation of some marketing materials like logo, leaflets, short videos, digital presence etc. for some coffee companies and farmer groups. A total of 40 consultancy working days are estimated for this task.
All tasks are expected to complete within 140-150 consultant days. Most of the tasks and day-to-day coordination with SNV and the project stakeholders can be delivered in Vietnamese. However, at least one of the coffee companies (task 2) will require advisory services to be provided in English and inception meeting and report should be conducted in English also.
Firms/organisations are free to propose their own ideas for the delivery of the assignment and division of labour amongst experts. In order to perform the above tasks, and contribute to the broader delivery of the MOU for deforestation-free coffee in Lac Duong, the successful firm/organisation is expected to have the following: Required Experience:
  • Strong academic background (minimum Bachelor’s degree, Master is preferable) in marketing and marketing strategy development and with consistent professional specialization in coffee sector and farm-based products;
  • The ideal team composition should consist of designer(s) for website, graphics and communication materials; senior consultants/coaches for work with companies and experienced trainers/facilitators for workshops on  marketing.
  • Training / Certification in conducting Business Strategy / Executive Development Courses;
  • Excellent analytical, motivational and reporting skills;
  • Minimum 5-year experience of working in the area of market & marketing and branding trainings or relevant;
  • Fluent in English.
Desired Experience:
  • Ten years’ experience in conducting Marketing activities for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs);
  • Managerial Strategy Development experience with Private Sector;
  • Consulting experience in developing Innovative Business / Market Development initiatives for SMEs.
  TIMEFRAME The work specified above is expected to commence in October 2020 and to be completed within 6 months - by March 2021 with time for final training and hand over marketing materials to companies, enterprises and government agencies.   DELIVERABLES The following deliverables are expected, although firms/organisation are able to suggest their own proposed timetables:




Inception report detailing all proposed activities October 2020
Digital content and digital platforms for Lang Biang / Lac Duong DPC developed and live, training material and handover conducted.

December 2020

First training for the farmer groups and non-coffee enterprises

Nov / Dec 2020

Marketing materials for farmer groups: logo, leaflets, graphic video, photos… January 2021  
Advisory and coaching services to partner coffee companies completed, and report to SNV provided on content and results of services. March 2021
Second training for the farmer groups and non-coffee enterprises March 2021
A final report including all marketing strategies developed and seminar/training materials conducted   March 2021
Please submit the following documents to link by 30th September, 2020: Technical Proposal:
  • Cover letter highlighting the firm/organisation or groups of individuals experience in completing similar assignments
  • A brief technical proposal (maximum 10 pages) outlining understanding of the assignment, a proposed approach, work plan and staffing plan.
  • CVs of proposed team members
Financial Proposal:
  • Personnel costs inclusive of fees only (travel to and within Lam Dong, workshops, printing, and other reimbursable costs will be covered directly by the project).
No. Recipients Purpose of use
1 Yu M’nang Coffee, Village 4 Da Sar Producing herbal shampoo from local grown plant materials
2 Kõ Sã K Rem, Liêng bông village, Da Nhim commune Preservation and utilisation of medicinal plants
3 Traditional straw liquor production group, Lat commune Producing traditional straw liquor
4 Community tourism -Gong club, Lat commune Preserving traditional culture and playing Gong
5 Indigenous pig production group, Lat commune Raising indigenous pigs
6 Farmer association, Da Sar commune Raising pigs
7 Chappi Arabica Coffee Cooperative, Tupor village, Da Chais commune Supporting Agro-tour business
8 Women traditional weaving group, Lac Duong town Restoration of traditional weaving
9 K’ho Coffee, Lac Duong town Supporting Farmstay business
10 Women Association Da Sar, Da Nhim, Da Chais Development of Artichoke value chain
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