Consultancy on Development of Guideline for Provincial Implementation Plan

Terms of References (ToR)

Assignment: Development of Guidelines for developing Provincial Implementation Plans of the National Action Plan on Sustainable Consumption and Production 2021 - 2030

Time frame: 05/2021-07/2021

Type of contract: Consultancy Contract for a team of Consultants/Consultancy firm

Expertise: Sustainable Consumption and Production

Duration: max. 50 workdays

Renumeration: based on experience, but max. 220 USD/day


The National Action Plan on Sustainable consumption and Production for the period 2021 – 2030 (NAP on SCP) was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision 889/QD-TTg dated 13 July, 2020. The NAP on SCP proposed the general objective of promoting efficient and sustainable management, exploitation and utilization of natural resources, fuel, materials; incentivize development of eco-friendly resources, fuel, materials, products which are renewable, reusable and recyclable; promote sustainable consumption and production on the basis of innovation, creativity, practice and development of sustainable consumption and production models; and promote sustainable consumption and production of domestic products, create stable and green jobs, enhance sustainable lifestyle and improve quality of people’s life towards a circular economy in Vietnam. To meet this general objective, the NAP on SCP has 8 specific targets and 15 priority tasks.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) is taking the lead in the implementation process of NAP on SCP and as a National Plan it will be implemented across Vietnam. As such, the provinces play a crucial role in promoting the implementation of SCP at provincial and local level. The NAP on SCP includes a specific indicator of 70% provinces having their Provincial Implementation Plan of of the National Action Plan till 2025. To meet make this indicator achievable and provide support for provincial governments to develop their own provicincial action plans that fit the characteristics and and circumstances of their respective province, a guideline document for the provincial implementation plans is necessary. Having cooperated on numerous activities related to SCP in 2020, the Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSF) works closely with the Department of Energy efficiency and Sustainable Development (DEESD) of MOIT to the develop this Guideline Document.


1. Objective and expected Output of this assignment

Developing a Guideline Document on developing provincial implementation plans of the NAP on SCP that provides methodological and technical support for provincial governments to develop their respective implementation plans.

2. Long-term objective(s)

The above objective/output will contribute to the following long term objectives:

  • To achieve the indicator of 70% of provinces having an provincial implementation plan.
  • Support a favourable political and regulatory framework across administrative levels for the implementation of the NAP on SCP.
  • To promote activities, concrete actions and lessons learnt in the field of SCP across provinces of Vietnam.


In order to achieve the stated objectives, HSF and DEESD are seeking a capable team of consultants or a consultancy firm to provide the technical support for drafting the abovementioned Guidelines.

  1. Review relevant regulatory documents, reports on SCP, cleaner production and related activities including but not limited to the National Strategy on Cleaner production in Industry towards 2020, SCPAPs, and decisions/regulations at national and city/provincial level, the existing database from MOIT, DOITs, GSO, Cleaner production centres. Collect and review the city/provincial Plan of Social and Economic Development for period 2021 – 2025/2030 (05 days).

  2. Based on the review of the above mentioned documents, propose an outline for the guideline on developing the provincial implementation plan of the NAP SCP (02 days)

  3. In close collaboration with HSF and DEESD, draft the guideline on developing provincial implementation plan of the NAP SCP which shall include but is not limited to the followings: (35 days)

    1. Proposed structure for the provincial implementation plan; proposed targets and indicators for the provincial implementation plan,

    2. Guidelines for developing the provincial implementation plans that are suitable for various groups of provinces,

    3. Specific recommendations for the implementation plan of provinces with similar and comparable economic contexts

  4. Support DEESD to prepare the presentation for and present at the Technical Consultative Workshops, consolidate the comments and inputs for finalizing the guidelines. (04 days)

  5. Prepare the documents for and lead 02 training workshops on the guidelines for provincial authorities (4 days)

During the execution of the above mentioned tasks, the Consultant(s) will work closely with and report to HSF and DEESD.


As required by this assignment, the Consultant(s) are to complete the abovementioned detailed tasks according to the following tentative timeline:

  • Outline of the guidelines and work plan within 15 days after signing of contract in Vietnamese and English,
  • Draft guidelines in Vietnamese and an Execeutive Summary in English no later than 31st July 2021,
  • Technical Consultation workshop on the draft guidelines within the 3rd Quarter of 2021,
  • 02 Regional Training Workshops (1 in Hanoi, 1 in HCMC) on the Guidelines with provincial authorities within the 4th Quarter of 2021.


The Consultant(s) / Consultancy Firm team must at least meet the following requirements / qualifications:

  • Extensive experience in drafting processes of action plans in particular on cleaner production, sustainable development, energy efficiency;

  • Knowledge of cleaner production activities and techniques in Vietnam, sustainable consumption, energy effieciency;

  • Thorough understanding and good knowledge of the status quo of the situation of sustainable consumption and production in Vietnam, and ideally working experience with MOIT and DOIT;

  • Proven track record in writing policy documents in Vietnamese as well as a good command of English.

The Consultant Team / Consultancy Firm is supposed to be composed of at least:

01 Senior SCP expert (national) with: (i) an advanced degree, in environmental engineering, cleaner production or related fields; (ii) experience in working with relevant national stakeholders such as albeit not limited to: MOIT, DOITs, city/provincial people’s committee, industrial chambers, private sector; (iii) at least 10 years of experience in environmental engineering, cleaner production or circular economy, including 5 years as a in a managerial position and (iv) preferrablly previous involvement in implementation/drafting of the National Cleaner Production Strategy in Industry.

An environment/economic specialist (national). The candidate should have: i) at least a university’s degree (Master degree is preferred) in environment, cleaner production and/or economics or related field; ii) at least 5 years of experience in environment or cleaner production; iv) a good level of spoken and written English.


  1. Cover Letter clearly outlining the motivation and qualifications for taking on this assignment
  2. Profile(s) of involved Consultants
  3. Technical Approach and Budget Proposal (estimated working days and daily rates).
  4. Language: English; Format: PDF (one single file).


Interested Consultant teams / Consultancy Firms are requested to send the application documents to Ms. Mai ( while clearly indicating the following subject: “Ref: Guideline for provincial implementation plan of NAP on SCP”. Please also direct potential questions to this email address.

Deadline for submission of documents is 31 May, 2021 at 5pm Hanoi time

Job Details
Organisation Name: HSS
Location: Vietnam
Application Deadline: Mon, 2021-05-31
Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position Du lịch nhật bản, hướng dẫn du lịch Nhật và đánh giá địa điểm Nhật Bản Japan travel news, japan travel guides, japan holiday destinations and japan reviews

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