Training on Retailing and market access


The project of DGRV in Asia, supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) aims at economic inclusion for broader stratum of population through sustainable cooperative system. In order to achieve this overall goal, the project has identified three sub-goals:

  • Cooperatives in chosen countries of Asia are strengthened as actors of economic development
  • Sustainable safety mechanisms for functioning cooperative systems are improved
  • Local embedment of cooperative know-how and the corresponding systematic training and education is improved.

Overall, DGRV ’s development assistance activities record importance of organization at meso level, especially of Provincial Cooperative Alliances (PCA), since PCAs represent cooperatives at provincial level and consequently work very closely with their members. As a federation serving the needs of its members and as a member of the provincial cooperative network, a PCA plays an important role in strengthening and improving cooperative network structures and contributing to a successful transformation of the cooperative sector and of cooperatives in the province, from traditional government-lead associations to member-lead and market-oriented enterprises

In provincial level, DGRV started to organized activities on corresponding topics, such as improving market access for cooperatives. This activity is expected to support cooperative enhance their ability to participate in the market, improve their sales revenue and probability that their products are accepted by retail chains. It should include various methods of training such as group working, presentation, homework, quiz, multiple-choice test… to transfer knowledge and skills to participants effectively.


1. Participants

  • Participants of this course should encompass about 25 members from local cooperatives and 5 members from PCA in total.

2. Content and requirement

The course should be ensuring to convey useful and necessary knowledge for cooperatives about retails chains, quality standards of products distributed by retail stores and how to start up a retail store. After the course, participants are expected to be able to apply this knowledge in their cooperatives to improve quality of their product to meet the required standard or improve their ability to access the market.

3. Location

  • The location of the training course is limited within the territory of Vietnam. Further details on the exact locations are to be agreed upon between DGRV and the service provider.

4. Date and time

  • The course is planned to organized in 2 days (excluding travel time) with 0,5 day in field trip.
  • Training schedule encompasses 2 sessions: morning session from 8:00 to 12:00 and afternoon session from 13:30 to 17:00.
  • The tentative timeframe for the courses is from 01.07.2021 to 31.21.2023. Concrete time and date will be chosen and notified by DGRV.


  • DGRV should pay for service provider the training cost, including:
    • Fees of preparing training material and implement the course directly.
    • Travelling expenses/accommodation costs/catering costs relating to the field trip.
    • Other personal costs (if any) will be paid by the service provider himself.
  • DGRV should provide financial support to local partner other costs relating to organizing the course.


  • Preparing training material and necessary content focusing on target group and topic by demand of DGRV.
  • Implement the course directly with training methods for adults which should include wide range of learning forms such as: group working, presentation, homework, quiz, multiple-choice test… to improve its effectiveness.
  • Writing closing report to conclude contents of the course and improvements of participants.


The criteria of selecting the consultants:

  • Having ample knowledge and good experience in retail sector
  • Having pedagogical skills; good knowledge of work field of consultant (target group of this course) is a plus.
  • Good communication and presentation skill.
  • Good English speaking and writing skill.
  • The consultants should prepare the detailed proposals to send to DGRV.


The proposals should be sent to the following address via the courier: DGRV, P402B, 4 th Floor, Coco building, No. 14 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Viet Nam

The proposals can be emailed to Mr. Nguyen Duy Tung (Email:

Deadline for the submission: 30.06.2021.

The proposals should be composed of the following:

  • Listing of documents of the Consultant and relevant experience.
  • Contents, training methods relating to this course.
  • The consultants proposed (personal files, CV).
  • Financial proposals for each course.

Please note that after the interview, only shortlisted consultants will be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name:
Application Deadline:
Wed, 2021-06-30

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