Consultancy to Conduct an Energy Manager Training Course for Designated Energy Users

USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security

Scope of Work

Conduct an Energy Manager Training Course for designated energy users in Danang City

Activity: Conduct an Energy Manager Training Course for designated energy users in Danang City

Level of Effort: TBD

Period of Performance: September 2021

Base of Operations: Da Nang or Vietnam


Currently, energy consumption by industries and buildings in Danang is growing at a high rate.  Average energy and electricity growth rate are 5.9% and 7.68% per year respectively[1]. The current energy use in industries/buildings leads to increasing costs for production and business and the decreasing Danang enterprises’ competitiveness. Energy efficiency adoption is considered one of the solutions to lower the costs and improve the competitiveness of the private sector.

Following the approval of the Law of Energy Efficiency and Conservation (LEEC) of Vietnam in 2011, guidelines, intensive regulations and minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) have been issued to implement energy efficiency projects, especially in Designated Energy Users (DEUs) that consume annually at least 500 tonne of oil equivalent (TOE) in building sector and 1000 TOE in other sectors.

Despite numerous energy efficiency efforts implemented in recent years, the DEUs still have many barriers and difficulties to implement energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RE) projects and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction. On the other hand, the DEUs do not have clear and specific energy consumption calculation guidelines? ,how energy is consumed as well as energy saving potentials.

Vietnam developed a few years ago a standard training energy management system (EnMS) curriculum training. In parallel, ISO 50001 has been approved as a national standard for EnMS. Additionally, the MOIT has recently issued and approved Circular No. 25/2020/TT-BCT relating energy reporting scheme, and online energy reporting tool that requires DUEs and large energy users to comply with these requirements.

On December 16, 2020, Danang People Committee issued Decision No. 4929/QD-UBND to launch the Implementing Energy Efficiency Plan (EEAP) for Vietnam National Energy Efficiency Program during 2019 – 2030 (VNEEP3). The EEAP sets a series of ambitious targets, such as 100% of DEUs will apply and operate EnMS by 2025, support DEUs to set up ISO 50001:2018, organize energy managers training courses for C&I sectors, etc.

Under Workplan Year 2, Sub-activity I.3.2 – Promote adoption and compliance of EE measures by energy managers,  the USAID Vietnam Urban Energy Security (the Project) will cooperate with Danang DOIT to organize a training course and open testing for the Professional Energy Manager certification of DEUs in both industrial and commercial sectors in Danang. The course will use the MOIT curriculum. Trainees, who pass the test, will receive a Professional Energy Manager certificate issued by MOIT. It is expected that they will be equipped with knowledge which helps them better plan and implement energy efficiency activities in their facility. Danang DOIT will be the host of the training course.

It is expected that the training course will provide information relating to existing regulations and relevant MEPS circulars, provide and update current regulations (i.e. Circular #25), and provide some typical EE measures and EE emerging/innovation solutions. In support of this activity, the Project will recruit a Consultancy Team to work closely with Danang DOIT to organize the training course, conduct the energy manager test, and organize the certificate procedure for DEUs in Danang city.


The objective of this assignment is to support Danang DOIT to implement its Energy Efficiency Action Plan (EEAP) through organizing an intensive Energy Manager training course for selected DEUs in Danang City  with curriculum accredited by MOIT and certification of the Professional Energy Manager as regulated by the Law.


The Project is seeking a Consultant Team to conduct a virtual 4-days training, one-day test , and complete certification procedures for energy managers of designated energy users (DEUs) in Danang city. The Consultant Team should consist of: (i) a policy and energy management expert/Team leader; (ii) an electrical engineering expert; (iii) an electricity system expert; and (iv) a thermal engineering expert. The list of trainees will be provided by DOIT before the training course. The Consultant Team will be required to conduct the following activities:

  • Prepare training materials (e.g. agenda, slides, exercises, case-studies, tools, regulations, etc.) align with the standard training curriculum required by the MOIT. Gather feedback and comments from DOIT and the Projects, then finalize training materials. The training materials must be concurred by Danang DOIT.
  • Conduct energy management training courses according to MOIT’s training program.
  • Support training host (e.g. DOIT) to perform MOIT training approval process (e.g. MOIT approval for training course, etc.).
  • Manage training procedures as regulated by the local legal regulations, and conduct energy training sections as structured in the approved training agenda with appropriate training skills under supervision of Danang DOIT and the Project.
  • Interact with trainees, collect and respond trainees’ comments/questions, if any in the training sections.
  • Provide a set of training materials to DOIT, the Project and trainees.
  • Conduct one-day test for trainees with supervision of authorization (e.g. DOIT, MOIT).
  • Work with DOIT and MOIT to perform the certificate procedure steps for graduated trainees.
  • Prepare a training report after training completion.


Throughout the assignment, the Consultant Team is expected to participate in regular phone calls and meetings to provide progress updates and should provide outlines of sub-deliverables (e.g. training section slides, books, examples, case-studies, tools, etc.) for comments and approval before developing the reports and prepare drafts for feedback and input before finalizing. The Consultant Team will also conduct a virtual energy manager training course under supervision of DOIT and the Project. The Consultant Team is requested to provide a training report after training completion. The report should include list of trainers, agenda, key content of each section, list of participants, questions and comments from the trainees, and short description for the set of training materials. All deliverables will be reviewed and approved by both DOIT and the Project.

The Consultant Team is expected to produce the following key deliverables:



Due date


Review and update a set of energy manager training materials

1st week of September 2021


A virtual 4-day training course

Mid of September 2021


A one-day training test

End of September 2021


A completion training report

End of September 2021

All communication will be in Vietnamese. The presentations will be in Vietnamese. The completion of training report will be in English.


  • Policy and energy management expert/Team leader:
    • At least Master’s degree in energy sector or similar fields.
    • At least 5 years experiences in training in the energy policy and/or energy management system or similar fields, prefer experience with ISO 50001 and/or MOIT training curriculum.
    • Familiar with energy management certification procedure of MOIT.
    • Experiences to manage and coordinate energy management training course.
  • Electrical engineering expert:
    • At least Master’s degree in energy sector or similar fields.
    • At least 5 years experiences in training in electrical engineering, electrical equipment, (e.g. fan, pump, driven equipment, air compressor, lighting, etc.).
  • Electrical system expert:
    • At least Master’s degree in energy sector or similar fields.
    • At least 5 years experiences in training in electrical systems, prefer low voltage electricity distribution network.
  • Thermal engineering expert:
    • At least Master’s degree in thermal engineering sector or similar fields.
    • At least 5 years experiences in training in thermal engineering system (e.g. Cooling/HAVC, boilers, steam distribution system, ventilation, pumping system, etc.).
  • Experiences in preparing and developing energy management training curriculum or similar areas, preferably MOIT, ISO 50001 protocol.
  • Experiences in organizing at least 03 energy management training courses of the MOIT, prioritize experiences in organizing virtual training courses.
  • Have good Microsoft office skill (especially MS. Power Point), have good presentation and training skills, good communication in English is preferred.
  • Experiences with authorized government in Vietnam (e.g. EESD/MOIT), preferably with Danang DOIT.

Application Instructions

Interested firm should send a Proposal for the Training Course detailing their relevant experience and proposed approach to by 10:00PM, August 22, 2021.

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[1] Danang DOIT, Report on Vietnam Energy Efficiency Program implementation in 2020
Job Details
Organisation Name: DAI
Location: Da Nang
Application Deadline: Sun, 2021-08-22

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