Consultant for Online Marketing

Title: Building capacity of online marketing for agricultural cooperatives
Client: Agriterra Vietnam and Primary Cooperatives
Country: Vietnam
Project number: 20AT-8440
Assignment number: AS.12566
Period: End of April – Begining of May 2020
Business advisor (BA): Nguyen Thu Tran


Agriterra ( ) is a leading cooperative development organization providing services to its clients worldwide. Our main goal is to support cooperatives to be farmer-led organization, providing better services to its members and influence the change of policy enabling environment for cooperative development. Currently Agriterra Vietnam is working closely with 20 clients including Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, Provincial Cooperative Alliances and elevent are primary cooperatives that are mostly small or medium agricultural business. Main commodities are rice, coffee, veggetables, leaf-tea and fruits.

Early 2020, there was outbreak of Corona Virus; by end of March, application of ‘social distancing’ was announced by Prime Minister. The social distancing campaign sparked an increase in searches related to delivery services, online shopping and online learning. With many working from home and all eateries closed, the search tool was also deployed by many for information on electric devices and home appliances such as printers, computers, air fryers and cookers (reported by Google, 2020). Most of the shop are now closed, food delivery is replacing the traditional wet market. Only necessary services such as food, medical emergency are allowed. Some of our cooperatives supplying veggeables are also experiencing an increase demand to use online marketing for its sales (the demand doubled during this period).

Recognising these oppurturnities, Agriterra would like to turn the current situation into an opporturnity to bring our clients to ‘next level’’ with a special  Online Marketing Campaign with concrete revenue objectives in the coming period of 13 months. This will also enable clients to diversify their distribution channels and become less dependent their current and traditional channels. As mentioned not all clients start at the same level, but the individual situation will be taken as the starting point, and from this point concrete targets will be set towards revenue increase via the social media campaign.

Main objective

To provide an overall understanding of the Basic Online Marketing in Vietnam, identify potential of online marketing for the cooperatives. Identify what support package is needed for the individual cooperatives, focus needs to be on:
– Digital literacy
– Suitable branding and packaging
– Proper invoicing, accounting
– Swift logistics
– Etc.

Based on above an individual Online Marketing Campaign per cooperative will be developed with clear revenue increase targets. the targets can be modest if the activities are fairly new for the client. But then this steps in online marketing will already start the process for future developments.

Specific objectives

  • Introduction of Basic Online Marketing:
    • Social Media marketing (eg. Facebook ads, Fanpage, Instagram)
    • SEO/SEM, Googel Ads
    • E-commerce platform: Tiki, Zalo shop, Shoppee, Sendo etc.
    • Providing the Preconditions or Checklist to participating in each platform;
    • Advantages and disadvantage of each platform: customer demographic, sale/commodity preference etc.
  • Provide Online assessment for cooperatives: review the current online marketing situation, identify the needs for investment (infrusture, capacity building) recommendation to change 5Ps for online channel.
  • Develop simple and SMART action plans for clients to execute their online

How to apply

Proposals should be sent to email address before 17:00 on 19 April 2020.

More Information and Application Details

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