Consultant to Consolidate National SDGs Report 2020

Terms of reference

Consultancy to consolidate the National SDGs Report 2020

Title: A consultant to consolidate the National SDGs Report 2020

Time frame: 5/2020-10/2020

Requirement: A Consultant (Vietnamese national)

Location: Hanoi and other provinces (if necessary)


In an effort to realize its international commitment, the Government of Vietnam promulgated the National Action Plan (NAP) on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 with the Prime Minister Decision No 622/Q?-TTg on 10/5/2018.

In addition to setting out 17 goals and 115 targets, the National Action Plan also defines responsibilities of line-ministries and sectors, sets out specific tasks and solutions as well as an implementation, monitoring, evaluation and report mechanism. One of the relevant tasks outlined in the National Action Plan is to assign the Ministry of Planning and Investment to take lead in the development of the National Reports on SDGs. The National Action Plan on the Implementation of Agenda 2030 determined that the National SDGs Report should be developed for the year 2020, 2025 and 2030.

The National SDGs Report 2020, which will be tentatively submitted to the Prime Minister in the 4th quarter of 2020, aims at reporting to the national readership such as the National Assembly, the Government, line-ministries, local organizations and Vietnamese citizens. The Report shall update the progress of SDGs implementation in Vietnam and analyze the results of each SDGs targets based on the statistic indicators for VSDGs (which were issued in accordance with Circular 03/2019/TT-BKHDT dated 22/1/2019) as well as assess the level of achievement in pursuant to the Roadmap for VSDGs implementation till 2030 (which was issued in Decision 681/QD-TTg dated 4/6/2019), analyze the challenges and propose some solutions for each SDG.

In 2018, with the support from UNDP, a draft National Report on SDGs was developed which assessed the achievement of the total 17 SDGs from the polical issues, achievement progress (based on the current national statistic indicators), identified remaining problems and proposed solutions to facilitate the VSDGs implementation. In 2019, UNDP continued to support the update of data of the National Statistic Indicators for SDGs and the assessment of VSDGs achievement in accordance with the VSDGs roadmap until 2030.

In the cooperation with Department of Science, Education, Natural Resources and Environment (DSENRE), Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, through this Term of Reference, agrees to support the recruitment of one (01) National Consultant to consolidate both reports supported by UNDP and update the data to the actual status of 2019 into a complete National SDGs Report for 2020.


The National Consultant should finalize a National SDGs Report 2020 by consolidating the two reports previously prepared by UNDP in 2018 and 2019 and updating the data to the current status of 2019.


In close direction by DSENRE, the National Consultant should execute the following tasks:

  • Review the draft reports prepared in 2018 and 2019 with support from UNDP and other reports related to SDGs (such as the report on gender and children in SDGs, climate change and SDGs etc), relevant reports on social, economic and environmental issues, reports by line-ministries and agencies relating to SDGs. ..
  • Based on the review of the above mentioned documents, propose a new structure and contents for the National SDGs Report 2020. The Report shall include but is not limited to the followings:
    • Review the institutional system, the current policies for SDGs implementation;
    • Assess the progress of implementing VSDGs in accordance with the National Statistic Indicators for VSDgs issued in Circular 03/2019/TT-BKHDT, compare the level of achievement with the Roadmap for VSDGs implementation until 2030 issued in Decision 681/Q?-TTg.
    • Determine the limitations, drawbacks, difficulties and challenges for the implementation of VSDGs with prioritization of vulnerable groups such as the poor, people with disability, ethnic minorities and other vulnerable groups;
    • Propose solutions to facilitate the implementation of VSDGs in the coming period.
  • Support DSENRE in contacting ministries, agencies and organizations to complete the report, especially in collecting the missing data from line-ministries and from the General Statistic Office (GSO). Complete, revise, update the Report using the data and information provided by the ministries, agencies and GSO;
  • Support DSENRE to prepare the presentation for and present at Consultative Workshops, consolidate the comments and inputs for finalizing the report.
  • During the execution of the above mentioned tasks, the National Consultant should also support DSENRE to review and revise the Final Report, to ensure the consistency between the Vietnamese and English version of the Report, in the reporting to the National Council on Sustainable Development and Competitiveness Enhancement and the Prime Minister, in launching the report.





Layout of the National SDGs report


First draft of the Report



Second of the Report



Third draft of the Report, approved by DSENRE & HSF




DSENRE will provide the national consultant with the following documents:

  • SDGs reports prepared in 2018 and 2019 with support from UNDP;
  • Reports and researches by line-ministries and agencies on individual goals of VSDGs;
  • Research report by domestic and international organizations;
  • Other relevant documents.


  • Have at least a master degree in economics, laws, natural resource management, environment or related fields;
  • Have at least 15 years of experience in a field related to sustainable development;
  • Have knowledge and understanding about Agenda 2030, the SDGs;
  • Have knowledge of VSDGs, the National Action Plan of Agenda 2030, MDGs and SDGs;
  • Have knowledge on the development context of Vietnam, coordination mechanism among sectors and levels. Have good understanding of issues related to SDGs, implementation progress, main challenges and difficulties to the VSDGs implementation;
  • Have experience in writing reports related to MDGs, SDGs;
  • Good analytic skill, good report writing and presentation skill in both English and Vietnamese.


  • Proposal Cover Letter, max. 2 pages.
  • CV
  • Technical Approach and Budget Proposal (estimated working days and daily rate), max. 2 pages.

Language: English

Format: PDF


Interested consultants are kindly requested to send the application documents to Ms Trang Nguyen ( and clearly indicate subject: “Ref: Consultancy to consolidate VSDGs National Report 2020”. Please also direct potential questions to this email address.

Deadline for submission is 25 April 2020 at 5pm Hanoi time  


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