Consultant to provide evaluative documentation (VCCI)

Globally, UNICEF works in more than 190 countries and territories to support children with better access to their greatest needs. In addition to other stakeholders, UNICEF has also been engaging the business community, especially those with high impact on children to promote the respect, realization and implementation of children's rights as well as to accelerate the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is a national organization which assembles and represents the business community, entrepreneurs, employers and the business associations in Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as the business community). Its purpose is to develop, protect and support business community; to develop a better, harmonious and stable labor relation; to contribute to the social and economic development of Vietnam, and to promote economic, trade and scientific - technological cooperation relations between Vietnam and foreign countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, in accordance with the law.

Within such a context, specifically in Vietnam, UNICEF has been cooperating with VCCI to co-implement the project on “Promoting Children’s Rights and Business Principles in Vietnam” (CRBP) within the period of 2019-2021 (phase 1) and the period 2022-2026 (phase 2). The project includes a wide variety of interventions ranging from awareness raising, capacity building, research to policy advocacy to enhance the respect, realization and implementation of children’s rights within the business sector in Vietnam.

The objective of this assignment is to develop a collection of good Child Rights practices at the enterprises. It aims to proactively reach out to the corporates who have incorporated the child right dimensions into their business. The collection is intended to introduce results achieved by the enterprises and promote sustainability of the initiated activities. The findings shall serve as fruitful discussion points and, in turn, enrich the inputs for the future informed work of broader engagement of private sector. To achieve this, UNICEF Viet Nam and VCCI are soliciting the services of an expert with experience in developing an evaluative documentation of social impact topics.

VCCI and UNICEF seek an individual consultant to provide evaluative documentation with a thorough analysis of good practices of 10 businesses who actively promote children’s rights in the workplace. These  cases should be written in the form of feature articles complementary with indicative field pictures. An in-depth analysis shall be developed based on the thorough documentation and compilation of the cases. UNICEF and VCCI will work closely with the selected consultant to provide guidance and ensure the technical assistance and consultancy service are well-delivered.

1.     Duration and venue coverage

Identified tasks will be implemented in 20 working days excluding the public holidays, in Hanoi/HCMC and relevant field locations in Vietnam (Tentatively, the number of days includes 05 days for desk review and final list of targeted businesses for good story documentation, an estimation of 10 days for field trips at enterprises and 5 days for drafting and finalizing the in-depth analysis with as per UNICEF and VCCI’s comments). The specific time duration for each category could be revised and updated based on the actual list of selected businesses for good stories documentation and their locations.

2.     Tasks

Specific tasks include:

  • Conduct desk review, contact potential businesses for the service and identify the list of final 10 targeted businesses and finalize the questionnaire for interview with businesses and list of interviewees in close consultation and agreement of UNICEF and VCCI
  • Conduct field trips to relevant field locations to meet with selected businesses (including the leaders and managers, HR, other relevant staff, workers, affected communities, suppliers or business partners, local authorities, etc.) and facilitate interview, get relevant collect data, take 5-10 photos of the case studies at least 5 - 10 photos for each case for story illustration).[1] The consultant is expected to provide necessary equipment to complete the tasks.
  • Draft the in-depth analysis on the positive impacts of the good practices.
  • Finalize the above-mentioned in-depth analysis in both English and Vietnamese based on the comments UNICEF and VCCI.

3.     Qualification

This assignment will require an individual consultant which can meet the following criteria:

  • Master degree in PR, development, communication, and or journalism social work, social sciences, education or related fields.
  • Around 8-10 years’ experience in media, business communication, journalism, and public relations or equivalent professional work experience in the communication area
  • Sound understanding of promoting children’s rights and human rights in the business context in Vietnam is essential.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Basic photography skills to take photos for the stories.
  • Relevant consultancy experience with the United Nations organizations or international NGOs would be a plus

4.     Estimated budget

  • Consultancy fee
  • Domestic travel costs to required field locations would be proceed by VCCI (CRBP project), following the EU-UN cost norm and CRBP project arrangement regulations.

5.  Payment Schedule

The payment for the consultancy fee would be made as per the following schedule:

  • First payment: 30% of the total contract, after the consultancy contract is signed
  • Second/Final payment: 70% of the total contract, after the final in-depth analysis in both English and Vietnamese are submitted with approval of UNICEF and VCCI

An application package with a Cover letter (no longer than 01 page) explaining how the applicant is suitable for the job and a Resume/CV must be sent to email address: no later than 17:00 April 12th, 2023.

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