Consultant to provide Training on addressing the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WVV)


Reinforce training for labor inspectors, social workers and relevant law enforcement stakeholders

on inspecting and handling cases of WFCL.

  • Project Name: Against Child Exploitation (ACE) Project
  • Activity Location: Da Nang, Viet Nam
  • Activity Time: April 2023;


World Vision is a Christian relief, development and advocacy humanitarian organization, working to improve the quality of life of people, especially the most vulnerable children.

The Against Child Exploitation (ACE) project, funded by United States Department of Labor, has commenced since 2019 in the Philippines with the view to strengthening the capacity of the Government of Philippines to address the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) including Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC), and violations of acceptable conditions of work. Building on fruitful results achieved in the Philippines, the ACE project will be implemented from November 2021 to September 2024 in Vietnam in 06 target districts of 03 target provinces (?i?n Biên province, ?à N?ng city, and Qu?ng Nam province) toward the expected outcomes as follows:

  • Outcome 1: Improved enforcement of the legal framework and policies pertaining to the WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work.
  • Outcome 2: Improved assistance services for victims of WFCL and / or OSEC.
  • Outcome 3: Strengthened partnerships to accelerate progress in addressing the WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work (ACW).

In Viet Nam, the project will direct technical support and engage with a wide range of government, social partners, civil society and business entities in its implementation to enhance government efforts to counter child labour, to contribute to the national strategy in prevention and reduction of child labour, especially to address WFCL including OSEC.

In order to achieve outcome 1, the project will implement capacity building activities on handling child labor in hazadous environments, including OCSE, and violations of minimum working conditions. In particular, in October 2022, the project conducted a training course for labor inspectors and related stakeholders in Da Nang city providing foundation knowledge on child labor (CL), including situation, cause, criteria of CL, related law and policy, as well as inspection procedure and common violations. Based on the needs of local partners and recommendaton of last training’s consultants, the project will continue to improve capacity of inter-agency inspector group. The 2nd training will focus on identify and classify CL, and then on skills for each step in inspecting of CL.


2.1 Objective:

Labor inspectors and relevant stakeholders in Da Nang city are trained on identifying and handling cases of WFCL, including OSEC, and violations of acceptable conditions of work.

2.2 Expected outputs:

It is expected that after the training:

  • 80% participants have skills to recognize forms of child labor and capacity to detect child labor;
  • 80% participants have skills to perform each step in inspection procedure and cooperate to handle violations on child labor.


The consultant is required to propose a detailed training content based on the outline below:

  • Role of inspection in preventing and reducing child labor
  • Duties of inspectors and members of inter-sectoral inspection teams in preventing and mitigating child labor
  • Inspection process and skills to perform steps in the process
  • Common violation on child labor and inspection methods
  • Skills to detect cases with signs of criminal law violation from child labor inspection activities and coordinate handling.


4.1 Participants: (35 pax)

City level: 14 District level: 7 x 3 districts
- City DOLISA: 10         + Inspector Unit (3)         + Labor/Employment Unit (2)         + Children Unit (2)         + Center of Social Works (3) - Labor Union (1) - Police (1), - Dept. of Justice (1), - Social Insurance (1) - Leader of District People’s Committee (1) - District DOLISA (2) - Labor Union (1) - Police (1), - Dept. of Justice (1), - Social Insurance (1)

4.2 Time and Deliverables:

  • Expected time for training: 2 days in April 2023



Working days


1 Preparation


Training agenda with detail content and method for each section; Pre and post test; Training materials (including presentation, reference, tools, handouts);
2 Training


Training for 2 days in Da Nang
3 Report


Training report

Total working days




5.1 Competency:

  • Have at least Master degree in law, justice, social sciences, preferably that in Psychology, Social Work, or Behavioral Science;
  • Have at least 5-year experience related to child protection, child rights;
  • Have knowledge and experience in child labor and the context of child labor in Vietnam;
  • Demonstrated experience in using training methods that promote the participation of trainees;
  • Having knowledge on OCSE is an advantage.

5.2 Scope of work:

  • Comply with WVI policy on Child and Adult Safeguarding policy;
  • Design monitoring and evaluation tools (pre-post test) to assess the change of trainees before and after the training. These tools must be approved by WVI before the training;
  • Develop detailed training materials and tools necessary for the training content;
  • Submit training report within 7 days after completion.

5.3 Training method

  • Participatory, participant-centered methodology, which combines a variety of training methods and involves intensive practice, interaction, and discussion among trainees.
  • Use visual tools and practical examples/ case studies related to urban setting to help learners easily understand, learn and apply.


6.1 Consultancy fee

  • Consultant should propose the consultancy fee based on experience related to this task;
  • Consultancy fee included meals and personal income tax;
  • WVI will arrange and pay for the accommodation, flight ticket, taxi. These costs are excluded to the consultancy fee proposed;

6.2 Application

  • CV (including related experience, title and working place, contact);
  • Detail training agenda with training method;
  • Propose consultant fee with detail breakdown on daily rate;
  • The criteria for choosing consultant will base 60% on experience and 40% on consultant fee proposed.

7. Applications

  • CV (including full name, title, agency, contact phone number, relevant training experience)
  • Proposed outline
  • Proposal for Consulting Fee (inclusive of expenses for personal meals) & Consulting Duration
  • Application should be sent to People and Culture Department, email: with Subject: [Hanoi] – WVV - ACE [Position] before 5:00 p.m. on 22/03/2023 (Vietnam time).
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