Consultants for Cooperation Protocol in Quan Hoa

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The USAID Sustainable Forest Management Project (the Project) will work with the Government of Vietnam (GVN) to reduce carbon emissions associated with deforestation, the degradation of natural forests, and poor plantation management. The Project will implement a “Green Prosperity” approach that strengthens local communities’ ability to protect their natural resource base and reduce emissions while building a strong foundation for sustainable livelihoods and equitable economic growth. The Project will work in seven provinces (Lao Cai, Son La, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Quang Tri, Quang Nam) and focus on five objectives:
  1. Improve and expand community forest management
  2. Increase conservation-friendly enterprises in forest-dependent communities
  3. Increase functionality of law enforcement system for forest crimes
  4. Improve production forest management practices
  5. Mobilize domestic resources for forest management and protection
The Project will be implemented during the period 2020-2025 by DAI in collaboration with RECOFTC and Preferred by Nature as partners, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) as the counterpart and the Management Board of Forestry Projects (MBFP) as project owner.


I.           BACKGROUND

Developing Inter-agency Coordination Protocol is listed as, among other, a measure for strengthening the cooperation between government agencies involved in forest management and forestry law enforcement, thus, effectively to address violations of forestry law and improve the effectiveness of forest protection. It is listed as an activity in the Forestry Law Enforcement Action Plan of Thanh Hoa province (Decision 329/QD-CCKL dated 15 December 2021 of the Director of Thanh Hoa Forest Protection Department  - FPD). Quan Hoa district was selected to develop such a Protocol in 2022. There are existing coordination and cooperation mechanisms for forest protection and management in Quan Hoa district. For improvement, there is a need of reviewing and assessing the results of these cooperation/coordination mechanisms, identifying advantages and limitations of these mechanisms and update them accordingly.   The Project will recruit a consultant to support the Forest Protection Departments (FPDs) of Thanh Hoa province and Quan Hoa district to develop or update an Inter-agency Coordination Protocol for strengthening forestry law enforcement in Quan Hoa district. Results from this consultancy will be use as template to develop protocols for other districts and hopefully provinces.     II.         OBJECTIVE OF THE CONSULTANCY ASSIGNMENT
  1. Overall Objective: Strengthening forestry law enforcement in Quan Hoa district
  2. Specific Objective: Develop or update an Inter-agency Coordination Protocol between Quan Hoa FPD and one or more agencies for strengthening forestry law enforcement in Quan Hoa district.
    III.        SCOPE OF WORK AND TASKS The consultant will work under the direction of Thanh Hoa FPD and in close cooperation with the focal points of DAI and Quan Hoa FPD when implementing the assignment. He/she will:
  1. Develop a report to assess the current situation of cooperation for forestry law enforcement between Quan Hoa FPD with other concerned agencies and organizations in the district. Key contents of the Report would include:
    • Overview of existing cooperation mechanism/protocols between Quan Hoa FPD with other concerned agencies in Quan Hoa district;
    • Description of bilateral, multi-lateral cooperation activities between Quan Hoa FPD and concerned agencies (for example: joint patrols, inter-agencies monitoring and inspection, cooperation in handling violations, prosecution …);
    • Results of handling violations of forestry law through these cooperation activities;
    • Assessment of the roles of Quan Hoa District People’s Committee and Thanh Hoa FPD in directing and coordinating forestry law enforcement in Quan Hoa district;
    • Limitations and gaps of the existing cooperation mechanisms/protocols; cooperation issues or mechanisms that can be improved and options for improvement;
    • Recommendations on developing a new Inter-agency Coordination Protocol or updating an existing one.
  2. On the bases of the findings of the report mentioned above and discussion with Thanh Hoa and Quan Hoa FPD, develop or update an Inter-agency Coordination Protocol between Quan Hoa FPD and concerned agency (or agencies). The Protocol is subject for approval of Thanh Hoa and Quan Hoa FPDs.
  3. Prepare for and participate in the consultation events according to the Plan approved by Thanh Hoa and Quan Hoa FPDs and the Project to explore, collect, clarify additional information and opinions of concerned stakeholders to ensure that sufficient data and information are included in the Report and the Protocol. These include:
    • 01 field trip to Quan Hoa district to discuss and collect information, comments from Quan Hoa FPD and concerned district agencies;
    • 01 consultation workshop to present, collect comments to and finalize the Report and the Protocol.
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