Consultants for rafting White Paper report (The Embassy of Denmark)

Job Description

  • Duration: 25-30 working days
  • Deadline for application: 22/09/2023


To ensure the drafting and timely completion of the White Paper report on the project Developing VET in Vietnam – Partnership between Vietnam and Denmark - Project phase II, a local consultant from Denmark and Vietnam will be attached to the project.

The consultants will work according to the specific project plan and in close collaboration with the project management team.

Purpose and content of the assignment

The assignment includes expert assistance to the drafting of the White Paper report concluding the vocational education project phase II. The assignment consists of three parts

  1. Substantial contributions to the drafting of a White Paper on the project on experiences, results and forward-looking perspectives for the developing of a dual-based vocational education system in Vietnam. The White Paper must
    1. contain recommendations on strategies for implementing measures within the scope of the project and its key activities in VET in Vietnam, including capacity building
    2. suggestions for communication and dissemination of the projects experiences
    3. suggestions for key activities focusing on the expected phase III
  2. Cooperation with the Project Manager and senior representatives from DVET/MoLISA on the process including cooperation with PWG, DMoE and other relevant actors
  3. Participate in meetings with Danish and Vietnamese project partners.


The outcome of the work include a draft White Paper report approved by the project management and containing the specific components described in more detail the attached White Paper plan.

Time frame

The assignment of the White Paper consultants is expected to take place within the project period from August 2023 – December 2023. If the project is delayed, postponed or prolonged this task will follow the project. The exact time for the task will be negotiated between the project management team and the consultant(s) chosen for the task but is expected to be 25-30 working days.

Qualification of the consultant

The ideal candidate will have

  • Master/doctorate degree or equivalent
  • at least 10 years of experience working with evaluation and reporting within vocational education
  • a high proficiency of English

Furthermore the candidate must be

  • experienced in evaluation tasks in ODA-funded projects in the area of vocational and training.
  • able to work together with Danish and Vietnamese colleagues
  • flexible and ready to utilize on-line means to communicate with both colleges and team members.


Remuneration will be according to comparable tasks in the local country and will cover all expenses except travel for the consultants. Payment will be effected when the draft White Paper report has been handed over to and approved in writing by the project management.

Daily rate for Vietnamese local consultant according to “UN-EU Guidelines for financing of local costs in development cooperation in Vietnam” – category VNM3. Daily rate for Danish local consultant according to national “FoU-sats” (research and development rate).


National and international travel must be approved in advance by the Project Management. Travel expenses will be covered separately by the project.

How to apply

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and a resume (in English) with details on the relevant experience by email to, with the email title “Your Name - Application for the national consultant - SSC Education”, by 22nd September 2023.


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