DGRV – the German Cooperative and Raiffeisen Confederation is the national apex organization and top-level auditing confederation of the cooperative sector in Germany.

Since more than 40 years, DGRV is engaged in international development cooperation. In more than 30 partner countries, DGRV provides consultancy and helps to develop cooperative systems and structures aiming at a sustainable development of the cooperative sector.

Cooperatives are a proven organisational and legal form for cooperation in various ways, from which the individual members as well as the entire committed community benefit.

Cooperatives and their members represent ethical values such as honesty, transparency, social responsibility and mutual solidarity. The principles of self-help, self-administration and self-responsibility as introduced by F.W. Raiffeisen are of crucial importance.


The entrepreneurial cooperative idea is being used more intensively by broad sections of the population worldwide and contributes to an improvement of the local living conditions.


As DGRV’s Department of International Relations, we are committed to realising this vision through consultancy and active cooperation with our partners.

We support our partners in the long-term development of their cooperative structures and institutions. For this, we rely on:

  • the know-how and the field-tested practice of the German cooperative sector,
  • the experience gained during many years of our international consulting activities as well as
  • the ability to activate our network.

In doing so, we adapt our approach to the specific local conditions and needs.

We draw upon the resources of German and international donors.

In our projects, we focus on the principle of economic, social and ecological sustainability.


P042B, 4th Floor, Coco Building

14 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho District

Hanoi, Vietnam

T: (+84) 02438470945


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