Digital Transformation Consultant, Team Leader

Scope of Work - Digital Transformation Consultant, Team Leader

Program: USA ID Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises ( LinkSME) Project Expected Duration: August to October 2020 Location: Hanoi, Vietnam   IESC – the International Executive Service Corps – is a U.S.-based nonprofit that seeks private enterprise solutions to problems of poverty in developing countries and around the world.  IESC is the implementing organization of Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID LinkSME aims to strengthen the capabilities of the intermediary organizations in Vietnam, such as business associations, export development centers, and SME promotion agencies, in order to facilitate the supplier-buyer relationships between Vietnamese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and lead firms located in Vietnam and expand Vietnamese SMEs’ capacity to participate in manufacturing supply chains. USAID LinkSME will enhance the business enabling environment by institutionalizing key reforms and strengthening the legal and regulatory framework for SME growth across the nation. One of the four project components is “Improving SMEs’ supply capacity and strengthening business linkages between SMEs and global value chains,” which is Component 3 with the Agency for Enterprise Development (AED), the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), as the key Government of Vietnam counterpart. During consultations in April and May, AED informed the LinkSME project that its key priority for programming Post COVID-19 funding was to support for SMEs in digitalization and digital transformation. The priority for this support was then reinforced in early June in decision No. 749/QD-TTg, ‘Program for National Digital Transformation by 2025 with Orientations Towards 2030’ which envisioned MPI collaborating with the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) and other relevant ministries to perform the tasks of supporting small and medium enterprises in digital transformation and incorporating digital transformation into support programs and schemes for small and medium enterprises for 2021 – 2025. Based on AED’s requirements, we recommend that AED start by developing a multi-year SME Digital Transformation Framework which focuses on scope definition, prioritization over the timeframe. Then we would supplement the strategy with ‘implementation plans’ on an annual or other periodic basis to implement the framework. The value of having a framework, and developing the framework first, is that it gives a more precise idea of the goals, more effectiveness in planning, and then monitoring and adapting those plans, to make sure that the programming is accomplishing what was set out to achieve. The approach for this work will be in three phases:
  1. Assist AED to develop a 5-Year SME Digital Transformation framework (Sep 2020)
  2. Assist AED to socialize the Framework; Develop the Year 1 Implementation Plan (Sep 2020)
  3. Assist AED to implement the new SME Digital Transformation Framework (FY 2021-23)
  In Phase 1, LinkSME will hire 03 consultants to work with AED and other stakeholders to develop and refine the Digital Transformation Framework for SMEs and identify the key decisions that are necessary for AED to make and then support AED. In the context of Vietnam SMEs, in accordance with the current task requirements the consultants will help AED to (1) define the agreed concept of SMEs digital transformation; (2) assess the current status, readiness, and opportunities of Vietnam SMEs in order to transform; and (3) develop a 5-year SME Digital Transformation framework. The tasks, deliverables, and qualifications for this consultant are included in the following sections.   GENERAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Consultant shall undertake the following tasks:
  • Desk study the digital transformation wave around the world, specifically SMEs as well as bargaining to restrict SMEs apply digital transformation.
  • Study the digital transformation common strategy of SMEs in Vietnam, what is the popular strategy, what is the difficulties SMEs facing with when applying the digital transformation, etc.
  • Study the current stakeholders involving in Vietnam SME digital transformation.
  • Work with related stakeholders (USAID, AED, etc.) to identify the status of Vietnam Digital Transformation, different level of digital transformation in Vietnam.
  • Specific study about SME digital transformation focus on business sectors (manufacturing business such as metal, electronic, medical equipment, garment & textile, agriculture, etc.). Define the challenges and opportunities for SMEs in terms of applying/or transform the mode by using digital technologies.
  • Design and build on the Vietnam SME digital transformation strategy 2021-2025.
  • Report 1: Reviewed report on current SME digital transformation around the world, Vietnam SMEs’ business and management model (including challenges and opportunities) for digital transformation at different level (“going to being digital”). Executive summary in English is required
  • Report 2: Develop a report on SMEs Digital Readiness framework and recommended Strategy/Road map for SMEs and policy/institutional supports from the Government. The report will include but not limited to the following information:
    • Study digital technologies, solutions for international and local market to define the appropriate digital solutions for Vietnam SMEs for their digital transformation/improvement of customer, business and operation models;
    • Checklist of technologies and vendors in the market for SMEs reference;
    • Recommendation on transformation solutions and strategy/plan for SMEs;
    • Recommendation on the high-level strategy and policy/institutional supports from government for the next 05 years (2021 – 2025);
    • Analyze the digital technology application of Vietnam SMEs in manufacturing areas, challenges and opportunities and provide recommendation on the digital transformation strategy for SMEs in manufacturing;
    • Templates/forms of business case to support SMEs in manufacturing to build up the business case analysis to define cost/benefit when they plan to apply digital solutions.
    • Executive summary in English is required
  • Vietnamese national;
  • Master’s degree and have at least 10 years working in technology and digital area;
  • Experience to work with digital transformation activities for businesses in Vietnam (oversea is a plus) such as study the digital transformation trend, propose the digital transformation strategy for enterprises, etc.;
  • Experience to work with donors to develop the development project is a plus;
  • Experience in review and development of policy and institutional framework;
  • Experience to work in key sectors such as metal, electronic, automotive, agri-processing, manufacturing, textile and apparel, etc.;
  • Deep understanding on current digital technologies, solutions (international and local market), pros and cons of each solution;
  • Have a good understanding of SMEs in Vietnam;
  • Maturity, professionalism, positive attitude and displays acceptable behavior; and
  • Fluency in Vietnamese and English.
  REPORTING: The consultant will work closely with and report directly to the Market Linkages Team Lead   Please note that this position is intended for a Vietnamese national. CVs and cover letters should be submitted in English. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and the position will remain open until filled. Early applications by August 25, 2020 are strongly encouraged.   TO APPLY, PLEASE CLICK HERE.          

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