Disbursement Operation Assistant (ADB)


Position Title Disbursement Operation Assistant
Recruitment Type Local Hire – Contractual staff
Position Location Asian Development Bank (ADB), Vietnam Resident Mission,  Hanoi, Vietnam
Contract term Initial 1-year term (can be extended)
Qualifications - Academic:University degree. - Expertise:
  • At least 2-3 years of relevant experience. Related experience in loan administration work and financial accounting, preferably in international agencies;
  • Major in Accounting or Finance;
  • Good writing and speaking skills in English language are essential;
  • Good computer skills with sound knowledge MS-Office;
  • Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a multicultural environment;
  • Ability to manage priorities and workload within general schedule of work, instructions and standardized practices and work with minimum supervision;
  • Ability to establish and maintain productive contacts with appropriate agent of host government, donor agencies and executing agencies;
  • Familiarity with local languages and institutions.
  • Good understanding of the organization, with in-depth knowledge of ADB's diverse procedures (as they relate to secretarial work) and operations.

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

To support Secondary Disbursement Processing Center in processing claims, performing tasks with respect to ADB’s Client Portal for Disbursement (CPD) helpdesk and coordinating administrative requirements, including standard activities as may be directed by supervisor.

Scope of Work

Support Functions:

  • Respond on behalf of supervisors to straightforward/routine correspondence and draft replies on more complex issues in accordance with guidelines. Ensures all incoming mail is delivered on time. Monitors progress/status of tasks/documents requiring immediate action/attention to ensure timely completion of required action;
  • Arrange appointments, meetings, and travel and accommodations under missions as requested by supervisors in accordance with ADB procedures;
  • Assist in preparing disbursement workshops and training;
  • Contribute to efficient discharge of disbursement function, for example, by assisting with the analysis of disbursement trends on a national, provincial, sectoral and project basis; downloading data on loan disbursements, etc. for analysis of supervisor;
  • Back up to other operation assistants.

Claim Processing:

  • Assist in processing withdrawal applications (WA) under ADB public sector loans, grants, and co-financing;
  • Support supervisors in monitoring the project expenditures claimed through the statement of expenditures (SOE) procedure;
  • Receive WAs
    • Hardcopy WAs: Check the WAs and supporting document, if there is anything wrong, return the WA to EA; Scan the WAs and maintain them in the soft filing system
    • WAs in CPD: Download the WAs and save in shared folder;
  • Review and prepare working paper for claims under advance fund and reimbursement procedures, prepare Excel file and copy contract records for claims under liquidation and replenishment;
  • Keep updated records of all WAs received and processed to monitor the status, and maintain relevant files and hard filing system;
  • Scan and upload vouchers to CTL WA Site as required;
  • Review submitted authorized signatures before submitting to International Staff (IS) for endorsement; Scan and upload authorized signatures to Lotus Notes and/ or Sharepoint; Update list of authorized signatures;
  • Review & process beneficiary registration forms (BRF) before submitting to National Staff (NS) and IS.

CPD Helpdesk:

  • Instruct EAs via telephone, email, etc. to prepare CPD registration form, BRF and withdrawal applications;
  • Be a CPD focal point for simple questions/request on CPD from EAs; or forward to CPD team timely;
  • Control CPD master file: Update troubleshoot from EAs, Update guideline from HQ, update CPD risks.

Other assignments:

  • Liaise with counterparts in the EAs on work related to disbursements; drafts routine correspondence; assists in project implementation work as required;
  • Perform any other duties as may be required.

Please send application quoting Ref. No. VRM/SDPC/2022-002 by 24 August 2022 to: nngan@adb.org and lnguyen1.contractor@adb.org (please do not contact by telephone).

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applications submitted without the job reference number and job title will not be considered.

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