Executive Secretary (CCM)

CCM Executive Secretary

CCM Secretariat Viet Nam

  • Job Title: Executive Secretary
  • Location: Hanoi
I. Background:

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is aglobal public/private partnership dedicated to raising and disbursing large amounts of additional finance to prevent and treat the three pandemics. The Global Fund has so far committed more than US$10 billion to over 520 programs in 136 countries.

The Global Fund finances programs that focus on the creation and development of partnerships among relevant players within a country. This includes governments, NGOs, civil society, multilateral and bilateral agencies and the private sector. They aim to strengthen the participation of people, particularly those affected by the three diseases; build on existing coordination mechanisms, and promote new and innovative partnerships; encourage transparency and accountability; and eliminate stigmatization of those affected by HIV/AIDS, especially vulnerable groups.

The Global Fund recognizes that only through a country-driven, coordinated and multi-sector approach, involving all relevant partners, will additional resources have a significant impact. Thus a variety of actors must be involved in the development of proposals and decisions on the allocation and utilization of Global Fund financial resources. To achieve this, the Global Fund expects grant proposals to be coordinated among a broad range of stakeholders through Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCM), and that the CCM will monitor the implementation of approved proposals. In Vietnam CCM enjoys considerable independence and has been efficiently discharging its responsibilities.

The CCMVietnam has builtand is linked to existing mechanisms for planning at the national level and has ensured consistency with national strategic plans. The CCM Secretariat works closely with the Chair of the CCM to facilitate activities of the CCM-Vietnam.

The Viet Nam CCM is now seeking a Coordinator to manage the business of theCCM Secretariat, provide support to the oversight functions of the CCM and its associated bodies, including coordination and support to PR inputs into CCM oversight and decision-making.

II. Tasks:
  • Call for and arrange regular CCM meetings;
  • Prepare the agenda of meetings, ensure preparations of each meeting are finalized with the Chair of the CCM, and that agenda and background papers are shared with CCM members and other participants prior to the meetings;
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of CCMmeetings to all participants a
  • Organize an archiving system for documents relating to CCM meetings including all major decisions;
  • Follow-up as needed on the tasks agreed in meetings of the CCM and ensure CCM members are fully informed as needed;
  • Issue public announcements of calls for proposals, and facilitate the work performed by proposal writing teams;
  • Organize induction training and other workshops for CCM members;
  • Manage CCM processesincluding rotation of CCM members and facilitation of member election processes, updating list of members, and document all matters relating to CCM member selection and governance;
  • Maintain an up-to-date register of CCM membership signatures to the Conflict of Interest Policy;
  • Maintain contact between the GF, CCM-Vietnam and PRs. Ensure that CCM members have insight into all the official communications between the CCM secretariat, the Global Fund and the PR’s;
  • Support the PRs in the development of Quarterly Dashboards of grants for presentation to CCM Oversight Committee and CCM Sub-Committee’s;
  • Submit reports and relevant documents to the Global Fund;
  • Collect proposals, requests, recommendations of the Technical groups and project implementing units and ensure circulation to the CCM;
  • Provide timely information to and communicate with the GFATM Portfolio Team (Geneva) on CCM oversight business, including ensuring circulation of GFATM PR management letters to CCM members and follow-up as required, including management responses to audits and monitoring CCM action plan to final audit;
  • Provide information to and maintain liaison with the LFA;
  • Participate in developing the CCM Oversight Plan;
  • Support the work of CCM sub-committee’s as required (HIV, TB, Malaria, Health Systems Strengthening and Oversight), and support the Oversight Committee in organizing field visits;
  • Prepare and monitor the CCM Secretariat budget and ensure compliance and reporting to GFATM Grant Portfolio Team (Geneva);
  • Arrange, if required, the working schedule with relevant organizations at any time the Global Fund mission visits Vietnam
  • Carry out other tasks as required and upon request from the Chairman of the CCM.


The CCM executive secretary will work under the direct supervision of CCM chair and will coordinate with both the vice chairs of CCM under the guidance of Chair CCM. S/he will liaise with the Principal Recipients, Civil Society Organizations, international partners, CCM members and other stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of the CCM secretariat.


3.1/ Education

  • Master Degree in Social Science, or Public Health.

3.2/ Functional competencies and knowledge

  • Knowledge about GFATM modalities and structures, in particular the CCM and PRs;
  • Demonstrated management skills including human resources, financial management and oversight;
  • Familiarity with and understanding of public health issues, especially in respect of the TB, Malaria and HIV and Health Systems Strengthening;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Vietnamese;
  • Ability to work in teams, especially within a multi-cultural environment;
  • Strong computer skills,good command over MS Office is essential;
  • Solution-oriented;
  • Sound decision-making skills;
  • Results-oriented;
  • Ability to be self-directed and take her/his own initiative;
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines.

3.3/ Experience

At least 2 years working experience and proven management skills related to participatory governance processes, with excellent analytical skills. Previous working experience in the area of public health isalso desirable.

3.4/ Languages

Excellent written and spoken knowledge of English and Vietnamese.

Salary: USD 1500 (including tax and social insurance)
IV. How to apply:

Interested candidates should send applications to CCM mailbox: ccmvietnam@gmail.com before August 7, 2022.

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