General Accountant

The Center for Education Promotion and Empowerment of Women (CEPEW), formerly the Center for Education Support and Empowerment of Women, is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization. The Center was established on August 20th, 1997 with a mission to address the root causes of social inequality, especially gender inequality in Vietnam.

During nearly 25 years of operation, CEPEW has implemented many different research, education, intervention and advocacy programs to contribute to the elimination of gender stereotypes and gender-based violence, and the enhancement of women’s economic capacity and political participation, and the promotion of transparency and accountability of public agencies. CEPEW also has extensive experience in providing technical assistance to agencies and organizations as well as coordinating a number of policy advocacy processes to promote gender equality and the rights of vulnerable groups in Vietnam.

Since July 2019, CEPEW has operated under the auspices of the Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents – Human Resources and continues to pursue the mission of promoting social justice in Vietnam.

  • Our vision: CEPEW strives to promote a fair and tolerant society where individuals are treated equally regardless of their identity
  • Our mission: CEPEW explores the root causes of inequality and its multidimensional manifestations in the society in order to improve the legal environment and create spaces for discussion, learning and practices of the values of equality, tolerance, understanding, love, respect and freedom from the family to the community level.
Key activities:
  • Research, education, communication and advocacy on gender issues in a number of areas such as promoting women's political participation, preventing gender-based violence, promoting gender-responsive budgeting, doing feminist research from culture and political economy’s perspectives;
  • Communication and education on universal values;
  • Promotion of the effective implementation of the Law on Access to Information;
  • Research, education and promotion of children's rights.


1. Making payments, updating, checking, recording data and accounting for programs and projects

  • Supporting the program/project department to verify quotes for service contracts for program/project activities;
  • Updating project spending in a timely manner, avoiding the risk of overspending, applying financial policies to programs/projects to ensure reasonable costs, as well as transparent and effective expense management;
  • Checking payment requests and cash advance, monitoring cash balance in bank accounts and daily transactions according to organization and sponsor regulations;
  • Managing organization’s and programs/projects’ receivables and payables;
  • Monitoring receivables, payables, advances and refunds in a timely manner;
  • Informing and instructing staff and stakeholders involved in project activities on financial regulations to ensure correct order and procedures for payment, advance, refund...;
  • Preparing financial statements for projects at the request of sponsors; preparing invoices, vouchers and related documents for audit at the request of sponsors and the organization; ● Collecting and processing accounting information and data, accounting documents arising from activities related to the project and the organization; ● Building and managing the organization's accounting system.

2. Calculating salary, performing insurance procedures, declaring taxes and preparing financial statements of the organization

  • Calculating staff salaries and making salary deductions according to government regulations;
  • Carrying out procedures related to insurance and personal income tax;
  • Preparing quarterly value-added tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax declarations and finalizing annual personal income tax of staff, collaborators and independent consultants;
  • Checking the balance between detailed and general accounting data;
  • Synthesizing and analyzing reports, preparing financial statements, making balance sheets for annual accounts, finalizing corporate income tax and annual personal income tax at the end of the fiscal year;
  • Printing accounting books, storing invoices, vouchers and accounting books of programs/projects and the organization according to regulations.

3. Other tasks

  • Coordinating with/supporting colleagues to perform other project tasks (if any);
  • Performing other office and administrative tasks as assigned by the Center Director.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in accounting, finance or other relevant qualifications;
  • At least 5 years of working experience in an accounting position (accounting for businesses or NGOs);
  • Having experience in financial system management, budgeting, accounting, financial reporting, financial data analysis;
  • Having knowledge about laws and regulations on financial management, tax, social insurance, labor and other relevant laws;
  • Having good computer skills, proficient in using office software/applications such as Word, Excel, Google Drive, especially accounting software;
  • Having good English skills (reading, writing) is an advantage;
  • Having flexibility in handling work and a high sense of responsibility.


  • Formal labor contract & benefits in accordance with Vietnamese law;
  • Negotiable salary based on experience and professional capacity, together with monthly allowances (including allowance for lunch, petrol, phone bill according to the organization's regulations);
  • Receiving support to participate in training programs on accounting and capacity building programs related to the organization’s working areas;
  • Working and learning in a dynamic, diversity-respecting and open-minded environment.

V. REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATIONS Candidates who are interested in this position are requested to send your application to the email: by 23:59; Sunday, July 10, 2022.

Application package includes:

  • CV stating relevant qualifications and experience
  • Cover letter including self-introduction, explanation of your interests and suitability for the position
  • Email subject: Full name - Apply for General Accountant at CEPEW

Center for Education Promotion and Empowerment of Women (CEPEW)

  • Email:
  • Address: 2nd Floor, Dang Khoa Pham Building, No. 1, Lane 7, Nguyen Hong St., Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Tel: (84-24) 35745999

Results of the application will be announced via email within 07 days after the application deadline.

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