International Consultant to Support NCLS Reporting

TERMS OF REFERENCE CONSULTANT TO SUPPORT PREPARATION OF REPORTS LINKED TO THE VIETNAM NATIONAL CHILD LABOUR SURVEY 2018 AND PROJECT END-LINE SURVEY 1. Background The National Child Labour Survey (NCLS) of 2012 reported 1.75 million children in child labourers in Viet Nam, of whom over 32.4% work excessively long hours (more than 42 hours/week). Of Viet Nam’s 1.75 million child labourers, an overwhelming majority (85%) live in rural areas and 15% in urban areas. Sixty percent of child labourers are boys and 40% are girls. The largest number of children in child labour fall in the 15-17 years age group (58%), followed by the 12-14 years age group (almost 27%) and alarmingly nearly 15% in the 5-11 years age bracket. In 2015, the “Technical Support for Enhancing National Capacity to Prevent and Reduce Child Labour in Viet Nam” Project (ENHANCE) was launched with the aim to further contribute to the Government of Vietnam’s efforts in combating child labour through strengthening training tools for building capacity of national partners and project implementers. In 2018, the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam (GSO) conducted the second National Child Labour Survey (NCLS) with technical assistance from ILO, in which information on working children from 5-17 years old have been collected. The NCLS 2018 is a module attached to the Labour Force Survey 2018 conducted by GSO. Data on members aged 5-17 of 38,280 households have been collected and are being processed. In order to have an overview of child labour situation through this survey, the services of a national collaborating partner is required to develop the Viet Nam National Child Labour Survey 2018 Report with technical support from the ILO. The Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs (ILSSA) – a unit of the Ministry of Labour Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA), will be the Implementing Agency to prepare the Viet Nam NCLS 2018 Report, given that ILSSA and ILO have successfully collaborated previously on several child labour related surveys and studies in Viet Nam. It is expected that the Viet Nam NCLS 2018 Report will be launched by the Department of Children Affairs in March 2020. The ILO ENHANCE project is seeking to recruit an international consultant to support ILSSA in developing and finalizing the Viet Nam NCLS 2018 Report and the project baseline survey report. 2. Assignment 2.1. Objectives: To support the development and finalization of the Viet Nam National Child Labour Survey 2018 Report and and the project end-line report. The Report will provide comprehensive information on child labour aged 5-17 years collected from the Viet Nam Labour Force 2018 Survey and the accompanying NCLS module, as well as basic information on households with child labour. 2.2. Scope of work The international consultant is expected to carry out the following tasks, which may include but not limited to: - Communicate and work closely with ILO ENHANCE Team and the ILSSA Report Writing Group; - Review and provide comments for the report outline and the set of tables and charts/graphs for the report which are adopted and based on the Definition of child labour, working children and hazardous child labour for statistical measurement that have been developed and agreed upon between the concerned parties to be used for the report; - Review and provide comments and inputs for the short version of draft report: this document is around 20 pages, including brief background on the child labour module of the Viet Nam Labour Force Survey, its objectives, and presenting survey estimates, among others, on:
  • structure of the population of the country and the share of the age- group of 5-17 years;
  • status of school attendance of persons in the age group 5-17 years;
  • the number of children in economic activities, in child labour and in hazardous child labour;
  • information about weekly hours of engagement in economic activities by children aged 5-17 years, by major age groups, sex and major regions.
- Review and provide comments/ inputs for the full NCLS 2018 draft report and successive revisions; - Meet and discuss with Report Writing Group to provide comments and advices for finalization of the report. The international consultant is expected to come to Viet Nam to meet with the Report Writing Group on the full NCLS 2018 draft report. - Provide support and inputs to finalize the NCLS report. Besides the technical inputs to the development and finalization of NCLS 2018 report, the consultant will be required to review and provide technical inputs to the Project End-line Survey Report. 2.3. Deliverables/Outputs: - Output 1: Edited and pre-final version of the ‘Vietnam NCLS 2018: Main Findings’ report - Output 2: Edited and pre-final version of the Vietnam NCLS 2018 Report - Output 3: Edited and pre-final version of the Project End-line Survey Report 2.4. Expected tasks and Time frame The assignment timeframe is from December 2019 to April 2020. The short summary report is planned to be submitted in the middle of January 2020 and the final NCSL 2018 is planned to be launched in April 2020. The Project End-line Survey Report is to be finalized by March 2020. Below are indicative tasks to be completed. Number of days foreseen for the Consultant on each respective task is as envisaged and can be reallocated to another task where justified and in consultation with the project manager: - Review the Viet Nam NCLS2018 Report outline. Review and provide comments and inputs for the short version of draft ‘Viet Nam NCLS 2018: Main Findings’ report, and assist in its finalization after comments by ILO Geneva and MOLISA
  • Number of work days: 5
  • Time: December 2019 and January 2020
- Review and provide comments/ inputs for successive versions of the full Vet Nam NCLS 2018 draft report
  • Number of work days: 11 = 5 (1st ILSSA first draft) + 3 (ILO/HQ & MOLISA comments + ILSSA revision) + 3 (1 st USDOL comments + 2nd ILSSA revision)
  • Time: December 2019 to February 2020
- Mission to Hanoi to meet and discuss with the Report Writing Group to provide inputs and advice for finalization of the report (after 1st USDOL comments received)
  • Number of work days: 3
  • Time: February 2020
- Provide support to finalize the Viet Nam NCLS 2018 Report
  • Number of work days: 2
  • Time: April 2020
- Review and provide comments for the Project End-line Survey
  • Number of work days: 2
  • Time: March 2020
- Total: 23 3. Duration of the Contract The contract shall be of 23 work-days in the period commencing from December 2019 to April 2020. 4. Payment - The first payment equivalent to 40% of the total contract shall be made upon the completion of the Output 1 at the satisfactory of the ILO ENHANCE project. - The second payment equivalent to 20% of the total contract, together with travel expenses for the mission to Hanoi, shall be paid upon the completion of the trip to Hanoi at the project satisfaction. - The final payment equivalent to 40% of the total contract, shall be made upon satisfactory completion of Outputs 2 and 3. 5. Key competencies and experience required: The interested consultants should have the following qualifications:
  • At least 5 prior years of working experience in the Child Labour statistics, monitoring;
  • At least 5 years of experience in developing reports, child labour survey;
  • At least 5 years of practical experience working in gender mainstreaming, and gender analysis and proven knowledge of ILO context;
  • Professional experience with programmes focusing on the protection of vulnerable children such as child labour or children at high risk of engaging in child labour;
  • Proven experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods;
  • Proven experience in multi-stakeholder engagement and strong interpersonal and leadership skills;
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English and knowledge of Vietnamese child labour issues is required.
6. Attestation for having adequate medical and accident insurance: Do you have Medical and Accident Insurance ?
  • If YES , provide the document (Insured as ILO retiree with ILO-SHIF Geneva)
  • If NO, please be aware that the ILO accepts no liability in the event of death, injury, or illness of the External Collaborator.
The External Collaborator attests that he/she is adequately covered by insurance for these risks. In no circumstances shall the External Collaborator be covered by any ILO insurance. It is the external collaborator’s own responsibility to take out, at their own expense ,any personal insurance policies that are considered necessary, including a civil liability insurance policy. END OF TOR Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position

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