Mapping and review of satisfaction assessment tools on health insurance services – International consultant

LUX Project in ILO Viet Nam Country Office is looking for an international consultant to conduct a mapping and review of satisfaction tools on health insurance. The general objective is to assist the Ministry of Health to gain an overall understanding of the existing initiatives to measure the satisfaction of members of the social health insurance system in Viet Nam, identify gaps and make recommendations to enhance the satisfaction assessment in an effort to improve the quality of services towards a strengthened client-centred SHI system.

Specific Tasks and Deliverables of the Consultant will include:

(i) Collect information and conduct interviews and discussions with the relevant stakeholders: MOH, VSS, social organizations, selected provinces and others as needed.

(ii) Map out the existing tools, regulations and practices of, but not limited to, MOH, VSS, health facilities, social organizations, or provincial offices on assessing the satisfaction of members of the social health insurance regime, including satisfaction on SHI policies and implementation, on social security services and health care services.

(iii) Document and describe existing tools mapped in task (ii) to measure members satisfaction, and particularly data collected and processes (lead institution, data collection methodology, target population, sample size, frequency, data analysis, use of results etc.),

(iv) On the basis of tasks (ii) and (iii), provide an analysis of the existing tools to answer the following questions at minimum:

  • What are the existing rules and tools in engaging and consulting with members of SHI?
  • What is the current scope of the SHI members’ satisfaction measurement?
  • What are the mechanisms, procedures, or processes used to capture their satisfaction?
  • How the results of satisfaction assessment are used in policy making and service delivery of SHI?
  • How do needs and expectations of more vulnerable groups are listened and reflected in the policy making and service delivery of SHI?
  • Is there particular contents, technical and institutional gaps and limitations to measure SHI members satisfaction in a coordinated and responsive manner?
  • What are the good practices of some selected countries and provinces?
  • Can synergies with Social Insurance satisfaction tools be created?

(v) Review the strengths and limitation of existing tools and mechanisms to measure member satisfaction. The analytical framework could probably could refer to the following elements as indicated in ISSA Guidelines Service Quality 2019: client centricity; operational efficiency; culture of service management excellence; ease of access; timeliness of delivery; positive outcome; professional delivery; continuous feedback.  However, another analytical framework could be proposed by the consultant for discussion with ILO.

(vi) Make recommendations on the possible actions to improve mechanisms and the design of a comprehensive satisfaction index mechanism that can be deployed regularly to measure members’ satisfaction on a regular basis and use the results for informing policy-making and improving service delivery.

(vii) Make a presentation of preliminary recommendation to MOH, VSS and other stakeholders, facilitate discussions and finalize the report based on technical inputs provided in the meeting.

The work will be carried out by a team of two, one international and one national consultant. The team is expected to work closely together to make sure all the deliverables can be delivered as required.


Interested candidates are requested to provide CV as well as daily consultancy fees.

Interested candidates are requested to send their applications no later than 26th March 2020 to email copy to



TOR Satisfaction assessment tools Int Excol_final

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