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About us

We are MSI Reproductive Choices. As our name suggests, we are unapologetically pro-choice – we believe every woman and every girl should have the power to decide and determine the path their life takes.  

From contraception to safe abortions, and life-saving services following unsafe procedures, we are committed to delivering compassionate, high-quality services for all.   MSI Reproductive Choices is built on the views of our founders, who believed that by providing high-quality, client-centred care they could support women to pursue the future of their choice – on their terms.   Today, our organisation has over 10,000 team members working in 37 countries across the world, and our teams are rooted in the communities they serve – from major cities to rural, hard-to-reach villages. By taking services into areas others cannot – or will not – go, we enable more women and girls to make choices that were previously unavailable to them, in turn, improving the lives of individuals, families and communities.     Since 1976, we have delivered sexual and reproductive healthcare services to over 145 million women. We currently see over 28,000 clients daily, and over 32 million women and girls worldwide use a method of contraception provided by us. Last year, our services prevented 13.4 million unintended pregnancies, 5.6 million unsafe abortions and 35,000 maternal deaths. But our work is far from over.   

Our ambition 

Our ambition is a bold one: by 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants contraception will be able to access it. To get there, we’re putting choice, in all its iterations and forms, at the heart of everything we do.   Alongside providing services, we will continue to work to remove the unnecessary legal, medical and regulatory restrictions that prevent people accessing contraception and safe abortions, and which ultimately cost lives.    We will seek out and expand our partnerships, listening, sharing and working closely with communities and clients.   And we will fight to make sure no one is left behind – from women living in the most marginalised, hard-to-reach communities to adolescents seeking contraception despite taboo and stigma.   We know that access to contraception, safe abortion and post-abortion care saves lives. For some, it can mean the ability to complete their education and start a career. For others, it means being able to look after the family they already have. For all, it means the freedom to decide their own future and contribute to a fairer, more equal society.   


We can’t do it all on our own - partnerships with others is a cornerstone of our work.

We work closely with existing private healthcare providers, governments, other aid agencies, academic institutions and NGOs. Together we deliver services, strengthen national health systems, provide training, improve health policies, and share expertise. All of this is essential for building sustainable services that will help people to safely manage their health, their families and their futures. We'd like to thank those who support our work around the world. Whether that's through gifts, grants, funding or technical assistance, your generous support helps us serve millions of people across the globe. Below is a small selection of our key development partners.

What we do

MSI Reproductive Choices provides contraception and safe abortion services that enable women all over the world to choose their own futures.

Who we serve

Millions of women worldwide turn to us each year to exercise their right to decide whether and when to have children.

Every woman that walks through our door has her own dreams for the future. By providing choice, MSI Reproductive Choices enables women to take control of their lives, to manage their health, their families, and their futures. Much of our work focuses on poor and vulnerable women and young people with little access to reproductive healthcare. But we also work closely with under-served communities and offer support to those caught up in humanitarian crises.

Our services

Our services change lives by enabling people to plan their families and futures.

The core services we provide are contraception, safe abortion (where abortion is legally permitted) and post-abortion care. We work hard to make sure these services are high quality, affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Our approach

At MSI Reproductive Choices we don’t do one-size fits all.

We keep our clients at the centre of everything we do - striving to understand their unique challenges, and tailoring our services and approach accordingly.

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