Mekong Development Research Institute (MDRI) is an independent scientific research agency. At MDRI, we believe that research plays an indispensable role in social change and development.Our key services focus on Poverty Reduction, Ethnic Minority, Agriculture and Rural Development, Labor and Immigration, Water and Sanitation, Education, Environment and Climate Change, Sector & Market Research and Trade, and Governance. Through our research and consulting work, MDRI researchers have brought forward meaningful and valuable research products, some of which have been published in internationally renowned journals including American Economic Journal, World Development, and Health Economic Journal. Others were available under forms of consulting reports, policy briefs used for the Government leaders and presented in national and international conferences MDRI strives to become a leading research institute in policy and development in the Mekong region. We hope that our high quality research will make significant and positive contributions towards regional development as well as highligh challenges in opening Vietnam’s economy to share with countries with similar social economic conditions. MDRI is ranked No.1 among economic institutions in Vietnam and among the top 17% of 12,700 economic institutes in the world by IDEAS: Economics and Finance Research. MDRI AT A GLANCE
Consulted and trusted by experts with rich international experience in diverse fields.
  • 11 PARTNERS:
Established strong partnerships with internationally renowned research institutes and universities working in similar academic fields.
Form an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified, experienced and motivated researchers.
Provided services for 17 domestic clients and 24 international clients, including government agencies, NGOs and international institutions.
  • 48 PROJECTS:
Conducted 48 research and consulting projects in a variety of fields since 2009.
Released 60 publications in the form of journals, books, reports and policy brief.
Have experience working across cultures and practices, on both a formal and grassroots level throughout Vietnam.
  • 3,000+ ENUMERATORS:

Expanded a wide network of over 3,000 dedicated and experienced enumerators with university/college degree and specialized knowledge.

“MDRI is on a journey of imparting knowledge and making a difference.”

MDRI is ranked No.1 among economic institutions in Vietnam and is among the top 17% of 12,700 economic institutes in the world.


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