Mekong Economics

Mekong Economics has remained true to its mission by harnessing the unrivaled expertise of our Local Teams and combining it with the best practices from around the Globe. We embrace pioneering research methods to support our people - first approach which allow us to consistently deliver viable and sustainable solutions to the most complex problems.

Mekong Economics has a truly regional presence in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region. MKE has our Head Office in Hanoi (Vietnam) and has implemented projects in over 10 countries throughout the region. We have expanded operations to Cambodia, Laos, China, East Timor, Indonesia, India, and other countries in Southeast Asia. We have carried out projects in a number of countries simultaneously, as in the World Bank East Asian Pacific Enterprise Survey, and have facilities and staff capable of handling and translating a large volume of data.

Institutional and Capacity Building

MKE provides numerous institutional and capacity building support services, including training and workshop presentations. Support in this area covers a broad range of sectors, including urban and rural (infrastructure) development, environmental conservation, water and sanitation management, and health sector support.

Economic Research

MKE has conducted a large number of policy research assignments that required both original data collection and the use of existing published statistics and literature. Research carried out by MKE takes the form of country briefings, sectoral policy analysis, economic forecasts, research papers for academic institutions and centres, household and enterprise surveys, socio-economic impact studies and participatory analyses.

Impact Investing Advisory

MKE can provide you with a strong network of impact-ready social enterprises, as well as with the necessary support in outreach, due diligence and impact evaluation needed to guide your investment decisions. With two decades of economic and development research and evaluations, MKE provides respected, honest and upfront advisory services tailored to your challenges. We provide practical advice to ameliorate your impact and we are not afraid to speak up if we think your strategy can be changed to achieve better social outcomes.

Baselines, Impact Evaluations and M&E

MKE has conducted several baseline and evaluation studies in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Timor-Leste and has evaluated the final impact of numerous ODA projects. MKE uses both qualitative and quantitative techniques to carry out impact evaluations and has supplied project design and specification services for many ODA donors. MKE is a leader in providing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) services for ODA projects in the Greater Mekong sub-region.


MKE designs and delivers a wide range of short and long- term workshops and training activities. With a strong economic and development background, MKE staff members are well-qualified to provide training on socio-economic development issues in Vietnam and surrounding countries.

Project Management and Other Services

MKE provides high quality translation, back translation and interpretation services as required and can also provide project management support, research assistants, research support, itineraries and guides to visiting consultants and researchers. An extensive information network allows MKE to be among the first to know what is happening in development assistance in South-East Asia.

Commercial Services

MKE provides targeted research for corporate clients in areas including retail and wholesale, product research, market entry, optimal marketing strategies and business establishment. MKE has specific experience and strengths in carrying out market surveys in sectors ranging from mining to manufacturing. MKE can conduct feasibility studies for brands in both urban and rural areas and also offers consulting services on trade disputes, arbitration and legal remedies in Vietnam.


Vietnam Office

🏠 9B Ngo Yen The, Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Dong Da District Hanoi, Vietnam

✆ +84-24 3759 0009


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