National Consultant TLD-SHI


National Consultant

To conduct systematic review on efficacy and cost effectiveness of TLD and support VAAC

in the process of preparing dossier to include Tenofovir/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir (TLD)

into Social Health Insurance drug list

I. Background of the assignment

The 2-year USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV Activity provides technical assistance to the Government of Vietnam (GVN) from October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020. It builds on support provided to the GVN since 2014 through the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project.

USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV Activity will provide technical assistance to GVN to complete the transition to a domestically-funded HIV program able to exceed the 9090-90 targets – 90% of people living with HIV (PLHIV) tested, 90% on anti-retroviral treatment (ART), and 90% virally suppressed – thereby achieving epidemic control. The project will provide specialized expertise to deliver targeted, innovative, evidence-based, and results-driven technical assistance designed to: 1) increase in-country capacity to self-finance and sustain HIV control efforts; and 2) strengthen government capacity on ARV supply planning, quantification, bidding, and procurement financing through the SHI fund.

In Vietnam, optimization of current antiretroviral drug regimens is a critical component in supporting country efforts to achieve the 90/90/90 treatment targets and epidemic control. Following 2018 WHO guidance for HIV care and treatment, the Tenofovir/Lamivudine/Dolutegravir (TLD) fixed dose combination has become the preferred first-line ART option for patients. HIV patients started to receive the first SHI-covered ARVs since March, 2019. The MOH issued a TLD Market Authorization in October 2019. VAAC is planning to include TLD in the SHI drug list to ensure that patients will receive SHI-covered TLD in 2022.

USAID Sustainable Financing for HIV seeks to hire National Consultant to conduct systematic review on efficacy and cost effectiveness of TLD and support VAAC in the process of preparing dossier to include TLD into Social Health Insurance drug list for HIV response in Vietnam.

II. Tasks

  • In the process of preparing the dossier, the consultant will:
  1. Conduct and summarize systematic reviews on (1) efficacy and (2) cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) of TLD;
  2. Support VAAC to prepare, review and complete the “Form of product dossier of the proposed drug to be added to the SHI List (following Annex 4, Official dispatch No 7891/BYT-BH dated November 2, 2016.);
  3. Support VAAC to prepare and complete dossier of pharmaco-economics in the assessment of TLD;
  4. Coordinate with other Departments – MoH and related agencies, to complete the dossier
  • In the process of dossier submission and approval, the consultant will:
  1. Support VAAC to supplement required documents based on comments of Departments and relevant units;
  2. Support and propose solutions when problems arise.
  • Attend technical meetings and workshops related to the process of preparing dossier, appraisal, and approval of document as needed
  • On a monthly basis, submit to the project a written report on progress of document preparation, progress of appraisal and approval of dossier, as required, within 5 days of the following month.
  • Other tasks that may arise, related to the process for completing and preparing dossier, appraisal and approval of proposing to include TLD into SHI drug list following project and VAAC requests.

III. Qualification requirements

  • An advanced degree medicine/ pharmaco-economics / health economics or relevant disciplines;
  • More than 5 years of relevant work experience in the pharmaceutical area and social health insurance;
  • Strong understanding and knowledge on SHI policies and processes for the inclusion of new drugs into SHI;
  • Previous experience in preparing, reviewing dossier for including new drug into SHI list;
  • Strong understanding and experience in conducting and reporting systematic reviews on efficacy and cost effectiveness analysis (CEA) of drugs;
  • Adequate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS care and treatment program in Vietnam;
  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively with government agencies including health and social security sectors and health facilities;
  • Basic knowledge of English.

Note: This position is based in Hanoi, Vietnam.

To apply, please send your application documents to Ms Thanh Hien with the following email:

Deadline: March 13, 2020

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

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