National consultant to provide support to the Disease Control and Health Emergency Program of the WHO Country Office in Viet Nam in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Background:

The world is dealing with an unprecedented threat from the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS- CoV-2 virus. As of end of

August 2020, COVID-19 cases have been reported in 215 countries, territories and areas around the globe; infected more than 25

million people and claimed more than 800,000 lives. Viet Nam has started experiencing a resurgence of cases reported from

community since 25 July, after 99 days without local transmission and its successful control of the outbreak’s first wave. To date,

1049 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have reported in country including 35 deaths. Meanwhile, imported cases continue to be

reported among the repatriated citizens and international technical experts who are, by the Government’s policy, required to

undergo a 14-day quarantine after their arrival in country.


Viet Nam is currently categorized in Stage 2 (i.e. with localized community transmission) in the Western Pacific Region’s

transmission category. While the Government is trying its best to control the situation; the risk of the country moving to a wider

community transmission remains possible given that many countries in the region and around the world continue to face

increasing number of cases and deaths reported daily, and as the country is in a new normal context with public health measures

being lifted.


WHO Viet Nam has been working closely with the Ministry of Health (MOH) from the beginning of this pandemic in early January

2020. Our support is provided across technical areas, from prevention, detection to response as required in the International

Health Regulation, IHR(2005) and as guided by APSED III. Among these areas, surveillance and response have been a key

component to support situation analysis, risk assessment and to inform national response to the evolving COVID-19 outbreak

situation. Meanwhile Viet Nam is constantly facing threats from various communicable diseases with outbreak potential such as

dengue, diphtheria and including other public health emergencies.


As COVID-19 pandemic is likely to take its course in the next year or two, additional support in the area of surveillance, risk

assessment and response is deemed necessary for the upcoming six months, at least, to facilitate effective implementation of the

required activities. Therefore, WHO is seeking support from a national short-terms consultant (STC) for this post.


Key activities include:

1) To support the WHO Epidemiologist in day-to-day work related to surveillance, risk assessment (RA), field epidemiology

training program (FETP) and response activities.

2) To provide technical assistance to HE team in supporting the MOH counterparts, led by the General Department of Preventive

Medicine (GDPM), to further strengthen multi-source surveillance for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases of national

importance to inform public health decision-making.

3) To assist GDPM and Regional Pasteur/ Hygiene and Epidemiology Institutes (RIs) in conducting regular risk assessment for

COVID-19 and other public health events to inform public health response when required.

4) To support further strengthening Viet Nam FETP including advocating for program direction, management and renovation of

short-course and intermediate course curriculums.

5) To participate in response to disease outbreaks and/or public health emergencies when required by the Government.

6) To support counterparts to implement COVID-19 and other communicable disease related activities under the MOH-WHO

cooperative workplan.


To support these key activities of the DC-HE team, the consultant will be working closely with GDPM, RIs and other partners, and

under the direct supervision of the WHO Epidemiologist and with the overall guidance from the DC-HE Team Coordinator.


2. Work to be performed

Method(s) to carry out the activity

The consultant will be required to report daily to the WHO Country Office (WCO), Green One UN House (GOUNH), 304 Kim Ma

St., Ha Noi.


  • Output 1: Surveillance

– Support to review, update interim guideline on surveillance, prevention and response of COVID-19 and other technical guidelines

related to contact tracing and quarantine

– Support to strengthen multisource surveillance and development of a national strategic approaches in COVID-19 surveillance

– Monitor, update epidemiological situation of and prepare situation report for COVID-19 globally and for Viet Nam

– Support counterparts to implement WHO supported activities related to surveillance, RA and response as needed

  • Output 2: Risk assessment and EOC

– Support GDPM and RIs to conduct RA/ JRA on COVID-19 and other disease/ public

health events – Provide TA in facilitating discussion on how to conduct COVID-19 transmission assessment at sub- national level

based on the WPRO’s newly developed guidance, and subsequently for a possible pilot

– Participate in daily/ regular EOC briefing on COVID-19 with GDPM and four RIs and provide updates and technical advice on

behalf of the WHO Epidemiologist when needed

  • Output 3: FETP and Response

– Support ongoing renovation of FETP including finalization of short course curriculum and development of intermediate course

curriculum; support delivery of lectures and mentorship when required

– Provide facilitation support to GDPM in organizing the workshop of FETP National Steering Committee to discuss program

future direction and development of the 2021-2025 workplan

– Participate in outbreak response to COVID-19 or other disease outbreaks as required.



– Deliverable 1:

1.1 Draft national strategic approaches for COVID-19 surveillance adapted from the WPRO’s guidance (30 Jan 2021)

1.2 Draft plan for piloting assessment of COVID-19 transmission at sub-national level for selected province(s) in Viet Nam based on

the WPRO’s guidance (15 Feb 2021)

– Deliverable 2: Progress consultancy report on activities carried out (31 Dec 2020)

– Deliverable 3: Final consultancy report at the end of contract (14 Mar 2021)


3. Planned timelines:

Start date: 28 Sep 2020

End date: 14 Mar 2021


4. Specific requirements

  • Qualifications required:

Essential: A postgraduate qualification from a recognized university in a relevant area including public health, field epidemiology,

infectious Diseases, health research.

Desirable: Additional training in public health surveillance; infectious disease prevention and control; field epidemiology; risk

assessment and emergency response; knowledge on the Law of Infectious Diseases in Viet Nam.

  • Experience required:

Essential: At least 10 years’ experience in public health practice; public health surveillance; public health and/or field epidemiology

academic teaching; program management; risk assessment, analysis and management of preventive medicine;

conducting and/or supporting field investigation, survey or research in Viet Nam.

Desirable: Previous experience in program management related to surveillance and response or field epidemiology within a

Department under the Viet Nam MOH or similar authority.

  • Technical skills and knowledge:

o Proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel is essential, in addition to good writing skills

o Proficient in data management software

o Experience in drafting/ development of technical guidelines

o Experience in implementing WHO supported activities in a government environment

  • Language requirements:

o Vietnamese (Read: Expert, Write: Expert, Speak: Expert)

o English (Read: Good, Write: Good, Speak: Good)


6. Place of assignment

WHO Viet Nam Country Office (WCO), Ha Noi, Viet Nam.


7. Travel

All travels related to this contract will be arranged by the WHO office.


8. Budget

Please take note of the following when submitting application:

– The contractor will be responsible for paying taxes, if any.

Full proposal with estimation of costs, description of technical team, and supporting documents should be received on/or before 22

Sep 2020 and should be addressed to:

Administrative Officer

World Health Organization

UN Building, 304 Kim Ma Street,

Hanoi, Viet Nam



For further information on this TOR, please contact:

Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position

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