National Cooperation Consultant


Transport Project Management Information System (TPMIS)
Recruitment of a National Cooperation Consultant

Terms of Reference

Job Title: National Cooperation Consultant (national individual consultant)

Duration: Intermittent input; 104 days from July 2020 to June 2021

Duty Station: Aus4Transport Office

Reporting to: Deputy Team Leader, Aus4Transport

I. Background

Aus4Transport is an Australian Government initiative to support the Government of Vietnam in developing high-quality transport infrastructure to promote economic growth and poverty reduction. Aus4Transport is managed by DT Global on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The project’s goal is to increase investment in Vietnam’s road, rail and inland waterway infrastructure projects, by bringing higher quality projects to market faster. The End-of-Program Outcome is faster project development and improving the quality of transport infrastructures making use of funding from all financial sources. Two Intermediate Program Outcomes are anticipated: (i) the Ministry of Transport (MOT) giving enhanced consideration of engineering, financial, economic, safety, gender, social and environmental matters in all pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies and detailed engineering design and documentation leading to MOT bringing better prepared proposals and concepts more rapidly to implementation, drawing on innovative and comprehensive approaches; and (ii) MOT identifying bottlenecks to improved project development, identifying and assessing remedial measures, and recommending improved practices, leading to MOT adopting innovations in policies and procedures that lead to improved project development.

Working in close partnership with the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the wider transport sector, the Program will provide support through two work streams.

  • Stream A: Facilitating project preparation for major projects that are listed, or soon to be listed, in the Government of Vietnam’s Mid-term Investment Plan
  • Stream B: Supporting the sector through research, innovation, policy reform, and training that responds to the specific needs of various transport users (including women, people with disabilities and ethnic minorities) as well as dealing with issues related to the development of the sector, including road safety and climate change.

II. Stream B TPMIS Activity

The GoV has received a grant from the GoA to implement the Aus4Transport Program (the Program) whose objective is to increase investment in Vietnam transport infrastructure leading to an enhanced transport system that supports economic growth and poverty reduction. Part of the GoA grant will be used for financing the services for TPMIS development. The MOT acting as the Activity line agency will have the overall responsibility of overseeing the Activity implementation; MOT has assigned the TCQM (Activity Owner) to be responsible for the implementation of the TPMIS.

The TPMIS will be online, preferably based on web open source technologies, built to MOT specifications and programmed by Vietnamese coding professionals. The source code will belong to MOT.

The initial phase of this activity saw development of the conceptual design, which was validated by TCQM and MOT Information Technology Centre (ITC) in December 2019. This was followed by the public advertisement of expression of interest for the services to develop the TPMIS software.

The second and third phase of this activity includes the engagement of a service provider to assist MOT (via TCQM) with; (i) Development of TPMIS (beta version, pilot project, version 1, project documentation); (ii) Trainings, data entry/capturing support and dissemination; (iii) A commissioning period of 24 months to maintain and upgrade the TPMIS; (iv) Survey & technical recommendations for interoperability of provincial projects; (v) Supporting & enhancing MOT’s IT infrastructure; and (vi) Additional functions for DPI and DOF based on actual needs; (vii) Hosting facilities and software for server during development and commissioning; and (viii) Handing over all related facilities, documentation and source code to MOT – IT centre.

III. Scope of Services

The Activity will require the services of a National Cooperation Consultant (NCC) to support TCQM to interface communications, administrative coordination, translations, and reporting between MOT agencies and the Service Provider during the different phases of the project (i.e. trainings and data capturing). The NCC will also be required to coordinate with Aus4Transport’s TPMIS International Monitoring Consultant (IMC), National Monitoring Consultant (NMC), TCQM, and MOT’s related department on achieving Activity Deliverables and Outcomes.

The general tasks of the NCC will include, but not be limited to, assisting TCQM Management Team with the following:

  1. Support to TCQM with interface communications under the Activity,
  2. Support to TCQM with administrative coordination under the Activity,
  3. Support TCQM and Aus4Transport with translations of documents prepared under the Activity,
  4. Support TCQM with reporting between MOT agencies and the Service Provider during the different phases of the Activity (i.e. trainings and data capturing)
  5. Reporting, on a day-to-day basis, to the Aus4Transport Deputy Team Leader for tasks associated with the Activity;
  6. Preparing, as assigned, memos and communications required for the Activity;
  7. Contributing to monthly progress reports prepared by the TPMIS Team.

The NCC is expected to maintain regular contact with the Aus4Transport Deputy Team Leader, and TCQM management team as required, on Activity progress, issues, assignment needs, and any guidance required.

The NCC will account for his/her time on the Activity and contribute to the monthly progress reports produced by the Aus4Transport team.

IV. Key Expertise Requirements

The NCC is required to have degrees in road, bridge or transport economics and have general experience in data collection and reporting associated with transport infrastructure project management. The NCC should have substantive knowledge of information management systems and fluent working knowledge of English.

The NCC should have at least 5 years’ relevant experience.

The NCC should have demonstrated experience in dealing with government agencies, and familiarity with government supervised transport projects with preference given to those with experience with MOT projects

V. Implementation Arrangements

The NCC will be engaged by DT Global on an intermittent basis for a duration of 104 days of the Activity, which is expected to cover 12 months, and will be based at DT Global Office, Hanoi, with most of the work carried out within MOT offices.

The NCC will be administratively accountable to the Aus4Transport Deputy Team Leader, with whom s/he will work closely in oversight of the activities and work closely and collaboratively with the IMC and NMC. The NCC’s principal counterpart is TCQM.

The Aus4Transport Program will cover the cost of NCC remuneration in VND, and any domestic travel that may be required in support of the development of the TPMIS software and required documentation. While appropriate office space will be provided at the DT Global office, the NCC is expected to provide his/her own computer and peripherals needed for the assignment.

Interested candidates submit CV and expression of interest to

Deadline for application submission: May 25, 2020.


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