Program And Event Assistant

Thank you for your interest in a position with AmCham. We seek an organized and energetic Program and Event Assistant to plan and execute events, execute administrative duties, and fulfill office procedures. The ideal candidate will be a proactive and meticulously organized problem solver and effective multi-tasker who is resourceful, takes initiative, can work autonomously, and demonstrates excellent follow through. In addition to successful program and events coordination, the successful candidate will also support AmCham’s day-to-day office operations in a fast-paced environment.

Here is who we are looking for:

  • Somebody who has the ability to get things done.
  • Somebody who isn't afraid to use their own brain and speak up.
  • Somebody who is good with technology and loves optimization and creating systems.
  • Somebody who wants to learn new skills and try new things.
  • Somebody who is supremely organized and has the ability to learn quickly.
  • Somebody who finds new work to do even when we are too busy to assign something. We need you to treat AmCham like it's your baby and find ways to nourish it.
  • Somebody who is ambitious, creative, passionate about work, and ready to contribute.
  • Somebody who has high levels of honesty and integrity. You will have a ton of freedom and we expect you to be productive with very little supervision.
  • Somebody who meets deadlines and is punctual.
  • Somebody who pays attention to detail and catches errors before they are seen externally.
  • Somebody who responds positively to time-pressure and stressful situations.
  • Somebody who recognizes that productivity in the modern world often requires emails and texts to be checked outside of normal working hours.

Here is what you will be responsible for:

  • Assist on the design, implementation and maintenance of event platforms for delivering content in a way that is accessible, cost-effective, and consistent with our standards.
  • Coordinate event logistics, A/V needs, materials and supplies efficiently and professionally.
  • Ensure smooth operation of the office, including monitoring and ordering office supplies, maintain equipment, nametags, and other materials necessary for daily operations.
  • Manage AmCham‘s Internship Program.
  • Manage effort to raise in-kind sponsorship for our signature annual events.
  • Assist with participant surveys, and develop recommendations for future improvements.
  • Liaison with AmCham committees and develop/nurture other programs.
  • Provide general administrative support to ensure the effectiveness of our organization.


  • You will get to be part of a supportive team that cares for their people. Once you’re in, you’re family
  • You will learn how to become the best version of yourself - independent and confident!
  • You will work for an organization with a great reputation and American values.
  • You will be proud of your work. There is no cheating or stealing at our organization.
  • You will gain valuable experience and build a great network of professionals.

How to apply:

If you’re leaning forward in your seat right now because you can’t stand the excitement of this job offer, we want to know about you.

Guess what? We don't care about your grades or what school you attended. We don't "do" resumes or cover letters. We simply let your actions and results speak for themselves. Here’s the first challenge: Create a short YouTube video answering the question, “What will you bring to AmCham” (We need to see you in the video; length not more than 2-minutes).

Then send an email to: with “I want to work at AmCham” in the subject line. Include the link to your video clip and also be sure to include your full contact information in the email.

So tell us why you want to work at AmCham, if it’s a good fit, we’ll let you know the next step. Do not worry if you don’t have previous job experience. We don’t care!

Do not bother applying if:

  • You don't really know what AmCham is and what we do. There are plenty of other companies you can go work for.
  • You don’t feel confident telling the boss the truth when problems arise. We need you to be honest and straightforward with us. We’re a team.
  • You believe that telling lies or withholding information will help cover up a problem.
  • You are not *great* at getting things done.
  • You are not a problem solver. Don’t come to us with problems; instead, come to us with a problem and then the potential solutions for that problem. We don’t expect you always know solutions to problems. We do expect you can use the Internet and other tools to find solutions on your own. We want an action-taker, not someone we have to babysit.
  • You do not complete work on-time.
  • You make excuses instead of taking corrective actions to avoid problems.

Lastly, a warning in advance:

We are only looking to hire a "rock star" who is ready to take on AmCham as their mission in life. This is not a place to chat, eat fruit, and spend the day looking at your friends' photos on Facebook. We want somebody committed to helping us improve value for our members.

If you think you are right for this, then we can’t wait to see your video.

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