Program Manager


Title: Program Manager
Section / Department: Management Board
Location: Hanoi
Contract type: XX
Reports to: Executive Director



Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) is a Vietnamese non-profit, non-governmental organisation. It is dedicated to working with disadvantaged communities, assisting them to improve their quality of life and manage their resources sustainably. The core values of SRD are: Ownership, Sustainability, Equity, Accountability/Transparency and Efficiency.



As per the SRD Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022), SRD programs have carried out projects in many poor and marginalised communities, mainly in the northern and central Vietnam, who are suffering from various disadvantages.

The three key programs of the organisation are Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods; Climate Changes, and Research and Policy Advocacy. Program interventions, via communal activities focus on reducing poverty, protecting the environment and coping with a changing climate. Simultaneously, the organisation is concerned with raising the abilities of local people in governance, allowing them to manage their own development process.



The main responsibility of the role is to support the Executive Director in managing SRD activities to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan, ensuring support for program officers (Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood, Climate Change, and Research and Advocacy) in project management and
implementation. In addition, the role assists the Executive Director in project development activities, research and advocacy activities and establish good partnerships at different levels, both domestic and international.



Internal: Executive Director, Management Board, Program Department
External: Donors, Partners, Governmental Offices, similar Vietnamese and International NGOs, Communities, Beneficiaries.



1. Building development strategies at the program and project levels, according to SRD Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022
2. Supporting the Executive Director by providing assistance in project design and funding applications
3. Directly responsible for overseeing the Forestry; Climate Change and Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods programs
4. Building and participating in cooperation networks with other organisations in the same field of activity
5. Supporting the Executive Director in building relations with donors, maintaining and developing relations with project partners
6. Supporting the Executive Director in the management of the organisation and operation according to its mandate



1. Completing Terms of Reference (TOR) written by program officers for the project activities, when consultants are engaged by the organisation
2. Supporting research development, documentation and propagation of programs results in cooperation with partners, advisors and program officers
3. Taking part in developing the organisational strategic plan
4. Training and building up capacity for program officers and junior staff



Program Manager is fully competent in the following.

1. Internal:

– Making decisions related to the program department; taking part in designing and actively implementing, supervising and evaluating programs and projects; monitoring and managing activities of the program department; and

– Assist the Executive Director in managing the organisation; discussing and making decisions in relation to orienting and managing policy implementation of the organisation.

2. External:

– Representing the Executive Director in building relations with donors and project partners and in other external affairs related to program department activities; and
– Authorise other external affairs as assigned by the Executive Director, as necessary.



1. Specialist knowledge:

– Post-graduate degree in economics, agriculture, environmental management or other relevant subjects.

2. General knowledge:

– Community development and civil society;
– Gender issues and mainstreaming;
– Human resources management;
– Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihoods, and/or Climate Change, and/or Research and Advocacy;
– Organizational development and management; and
– Knowledge of different specialty areas within the key programs.

3. Abilities:

– Superior ability in developing programs and projects;
– Superior ability in coordinating and cooperating with employees ;
– Superior ability of monitoring and supervising projects;
– Analysis and evaluation of socio-economic development of the country;
– Analysis and formulation of organisational strategic plans;
– Leadership and management;
– Accessing information, analysis and report writing; and
– Communicating, cooperating and mobilizing staff and partners at different levels.



– Post-graduate degree in economics, agriculture, environmental management or other relevant subjects;
– 5 years (minimum) experience in management positions, in community development, civil society, gender issues and mainstreaming, organisational development ;
– Leadership and management skills, negotiation and presentation skills;
– Deep knowledge about economic, political and social issues;
– Previous work experience for international organisations is preferred;
– Advanced English; and
– Responsibility, activity and positive attitude.


Interested candidates should send applications to ;

Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position

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