Social Sector Development Office Deputy Director

Position: Social Sector Development Office Deputy Director

Organization: USAID

Location: Ha Noi

Deadline: 11th May 2021


Vietnam is a centerpiece of the National Security Strategy's Indo-Pacific regional architecture. Since 1995, bilateral trade has skyrocketed from $451 million to nearly $51 billion in 2018, and Vietnam has been the fastest growing of America's top 50 export markets. The increased focus on Vietnam has led to an expanding Mission, with an annual budget of approximately $120 million. USAID plays a prominent role in strengthening the bilateral relationship by addressing unresolved legacies of the war and challenges in health, environment, education, and economic growth. The Social Sector Development Office (SSDO) manages several of the mission's most prominent programs that are subject to a high level of engagement from the Government of Vietnam (GVN), the U.S. Congress, U.S. Embassy, Department of Defense, and USAID/Washington. These include large scale dioxin (Agent Orange) remediation projects, support for persons with disabilities and other vulnerable populations, and technical assistance for the identification of human remains. It is an incredibly diverse, complex and exciting $50 million per year portfolio.


The Deputy Director reports to the USDH SSDO Director. S/he will be expected to assist the director in all office leadership functions, overall office management, and in the absence of the Office Director, the Deputy assumes all functions and responsibilities of the Office Director. Duties include: document review and clearance, human resource management, representational functions in the field and with the GVN, attending internal and inter-agency meetings and functions, event planning and coordination with the Embassy and Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City. S/he will help oversee program management and implementation and strategy development. S/he will assist in the development of new programs and activities in a range of sectors, which may include, war legacy outreach and communications, identification of Vietnamese war dead, governance, counter- trafficking in persons (CTIP) and other activities in support of vulnerable populations.


The specific duties of the position will include following: Office Administration and Management 35% S/he will assist the director in timely identifying, addressing issues with possible solutions and sound judgement advices on overall office management as follows:
  • Directly manages SSDO overall personnel management and administration related issues including leave and absence administration, training, travel.
  • Leads and participates when appropriate and needed in SSDO job classification and recruitment.
  • Reviews and clears mission orders and other internal management processes and procedures.
  • Attends internal meetings such as Senior Staff, and other internal functional meetings; inter- agency and Country Team meetings.
  • Provides general and targeted briefings to visitors, short-term consultants, and other program-related guests of USAID (e.g., congressional delegations, senior-level USAID officials, and others).
  • Serves as Acting SSDO Director when required.
Communications and Outreach 25%
  • Handles taskers and requests for information, many of which will require an immediate turn around.
  • Prepares ad-hoc reports requested by Mission management, USAID/Washington, the US Embassy.
  • Supports SSDO public outreach and communication efforts and specific initiatives (e.g. with the GVN on bilateral war legacy cooperation, museum exhibitions, photo-books and films making on this theme), including any and all briefing materials.
  • Prepares and edits briefers, scene setters, talking points, speeches, taskers, power points, fact- sheets, and weekly reports.
  • Organizes delegations and other high-level visits, including developing a schedule, coordinating with implementers and other counterparts to plan events, preparing briefing materials, and serving as site officer for events.
  • Delivers speeches at public events.
  • Convincingly communicates USAID strategies verbally to high level GVN officials, bilateral donors, UN organizations and other stakeholders.

Program Supervision and Guidance 40%

S/he will help oversee SSDO diverse portfolio, assisting in activity planning, design, management and evaluation of SSDO program. S/he will serve as SSDO’s point of contact on matters relating to governance and CTIP. Responsibilities include:

  • Reviews and approves procurement actions and documentation, including design, approval and award documentation.
  • Reviews and approves key strategy and planning documents including USAID’s annual report, semi-annual portfolio reviews, annual budget requests, and other briefings as required by the GVN, Congress, Department of State, USAID/Washington, US Embassy, and USAID/Vietnam.
  • Supports Director in overseeing a landscape assessment for CTIP, identify potential areas for USAID interventions, coordinates with USAID Front Office, Program Office and Embassy on USAID’s CTIP approach. Meets with other donors, NGOs and GVN counterparts involved in C- TIP. Oversees new program design, as required.
  • Supports Director in the development of new activities under Vietnamese War Dead portfolio, including use of oral histories to strengthen identification of War Dead
  • Provides technical advice and recommendations to the Vulnerable Populations unit and implementing partners regarding program design and implementation so as to incorporate and support good governance and increase sustainability of activities.
  • Supports Project Approval and Implementation by convincingly communicating USAID strategies verbally to GVN officials.


  • Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted to the Point of Contact in Section I, item 4. Late, incomplete or unsigned applications will NOT be considered.
    1. A resident card granted by the GVN and/or supporting document showing that s/he can legally work in Vietnam without needing a work permit granted by the GVN.
    2. Cover letter addressing each of the evaluation factors, describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education and/or awards or recognition the applicant has received relevant to each evaluation factor described above.
    3. Most current curriculum vitae (CV) or resume;
    4. Contact information (telephone numbers and email addresses) for at least three references with knowledge of the applicant's prior work skills. Please be advised that references may be obtained independently from other sources in addition to the ones provided by an applicant; and,
    5. Eligible offerors/applicants are required to complete and submit the signed copy of the offer form AID 309-2, “Offeror Information for Personal Services Contracts with Individuals,” available at Applicants should note that the salary history for the purposes of the AID-309-2 is the base salary paid, excluding benefits and allowances (if applicable).
  • Offers must be received by the closing date and time specified in Section I, item 3, and submitted to the Point of Contact in Section I, item 4. Late, incomplete or unsigned applications will NOT be considered.
  • To ensure consideration of offers for the intended position, Offerors must prominently reference the Solicitation number in the offer submission.
  • The attachment to e-mail must be in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf). The attachment should be formatted with a 10MB limit per email. Package in zip or other compressed formats will be rejected. The U.S. Government will not be responsible for incomplete/corrupted or missing information in electronic submission. USAID will not ensure quality or completeness of electronic files attached to the e-mail.


Once the CO informs the successful Offeror about being selected for a contract award, the CO will provide the successful Offeror instructions about how to complete and submit the following forms.
  1. Medical History and Examination Form (Department of State Forms)
  2. Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions for National Security (SF-86), or
  3. Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85)
  4. Fingerprint Card (FD-258)

For more information, please refer to this LINK

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