STC on evaluation the achievements of programme on management of non-communicable diseases

#039 – Job Title: The National Consultant to support the General Department of Preventive Medicine (GDPM), Ministry of Health (MOH) to evaluate achievements of programme on management of non-communicable diseases focusing on hypertension at primary health care supported by the WHO from 2016 up to now.

1. Background

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the number 1 killer in Viet Nam, responsible for 31% of total deaths in 2016 according to WHO estimation. Hypertension is one important cause of CVD. According to the National survey on the risk factors of non-communicable diseases (STEPS) Viet Nam 2015, the prevalence of hypertension among the population from 18 to 69 years old was 18.9%. But up to 57% of hypertension was not diagnosed by a health professional before. Only about a quarter of people with hypertension were currently taking medicine. Those who are managed, only about 40% have blood pressure controlled. The hypertension management program aims to substantially reduce the hypertension treatment gap as well as improve quality of the services to increase percentage of blood pressure controlled.

Since late 2019, WHO has worked with the Resolve To Save Lives (RTSL) to support Viet Nam for hypertension management at commune health stations in Viet Nam. The programme has applied public health approach aiming to “make small change but in large scale” meaning that each commune health station (CHS) manages only mild and moderate cases, but all CHS should do to make substantial change in community. Key points of public health approach for NCD management:

  • 1) CHSs start with simple first (management of hypertension without complications) and simplified protocols and tools were developed for using at CHSs.
  • 2) System of Disease Control replaced hospitals to oversee NCD management at CHSs and community.
  • 3) Removing barriers for NCD management at CHSs.
  • 4) Capacity building (training, on the job training, providing essential equipment and materials such as electronic devices for blood pressure monitoring, training, and communication materials)
  • 5) Closely monitoring progress at individuals, health system and community (using the electronic NCD reporting system).
  • 6) Advocacy for more investment for NCD. For this approach, the programme has promoted system of disease control to oversee the programme. Three critical tools were developed and have been being applied including (1) simple protocols for management of hypertension (2) electronic NCD reporting system; and (3) online system for self-study on hypertension and diabetes management at CHSs. By December 2021, mor than 2,500 CHSs from more than 300 districts of 52 provinces have been being supported for applying this approach. According to plan, in 2022 about additional 800-1,000 CHSs will be supported.

Now we would like to have the program evaluated. The results will be for improving management of hypertension in specific and NCD in general to promptly reduce the huge treatment gap of the diseases.

2. Planned timelines
  • Start date: 20 Oct 2022
  • End date: 31 Dec 2022
3. Work to be performed

The Consultant will support the General Department of Preventive Medicine (GDPM), Ministry of Health (MOH) to evaluate achievements of programme on management of non-communicable diseases focusing on hypertension at primary health care supported by the WHO from 2016 up to now. The consultancy will conduct the following tasks under the technical guidance from WHO and General Department of Preventive Medicine (GDPM)- Ministry of Health (MOH).

1) Advise and support GDPM for designing the evaluation (including tools) and collecting and analysing data.

2) Draft the evaluation report.

3) Draft an article for international peer review journal.

  • The evaluation will be based on the following areas.
  • Coverage of services in targeted commune health stations and communities.
  • Progress among the patients.
  • Setting up and strengthening system to oversee NCD management at primary health care.
  • Developing guidelines, protocols, action plans and tools for NCD management.
  • Addressing barriers for hypertension management (e.g., uninterrupted sufficient essential medicines for hypertension, provision of electronic devices for monitoring of blood pressure.
  • Mobilising and utilizing funds for NCD detection and management.
Specific deliverables:

Deliverable 1: Concept note of plan for evaluation of management of NCD focusing on hypertension at commune health station in Viet Nam since 2016 supported by WHO.

  • The plan should include both qualitative and quantitative methods including desk review, developing indicators and collecting data in the electronic NCD reporting system and in the field including though Focus Group Discussion and/or interviewing key individuals in about 6 provinces (including Hanoi) of three areas: The North, Central and South.
  • The contents should cover policies, guidelines/protocol/tools, changing of the health system and results on patients. - The concept note should be submitted along with the application

Deliverable 2: Draft of the tools for collecting data and evaluation reports (in English and Vietnamese) based on figures and data collected and analyzed according to advice and support of the consultancy.

Deliverable 3: Submit a draft of an article to be published in an international journal.

Draft an article in consultation with WHO and relevant government counterpart based on the outputs of the evaluation.

4. Specific requirements

a. Education

  • Mater of Public Health degree or related advanced university degree or higher.

b. Experience:

  • At least 10 years working experience in health area.
  • Rich experience in doing study/research in health system or evaluation of any public health programmes in Viet Nam in which at least 3 studies/research working as a principal investigator.
  • Have at least 1 issue related article published in international peer-review journal as the first or second author.
  • Experience working with WHO is preferable.

c. Language

  • Excellent spoken and written Vietnamese and English.

5. Place of assignment: In Hanoi

6. Medical clearance: The selected Consultant will be expected to provide a medical certificate of fitness for work.

7. Travel: The Consultant will be required to travel to 5 provinces in the North, Central and the South during the period of assignment.

Those who are interested can submit your most updated CV and application letter indicating post title and vacancy notice number by 05 October 2022 and should be addressed to:

  • Administrative Officer
  • World Health Organization
  • UN Building, 304 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi, Viet Nam
  • OR

For further information on this TOR, please contact:

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