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Support for the technical-layout and equipment for the Bread for the World jubilee events in Viet Nam


The Regional Office of Bread for the World Vietnam - Laos is supporting NGOs and mass organizations (Women's Union, Red Cross, Youth Union…) with funding opportunities and qualification measures since 1996. Bread for the World aims at poverty reduction and supports partner organizations in the areas of sustainable integrated agricultural and rural development, improving livelihoods and incomes, gender equality, environment protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

The Regional Office Viet Nam-Laos celebrates its 25th years in 2021.

In its 25th year in Viet Nam, The Regional Office Viet Nam-Laos is planning to hold a series of events to celebrate its presence in the country as well as to promote our partner organizations and increase our activities. The tentative events are as follows:

  • A climate exhibition in July/August
  • A joint visit to a site where BftW’s partner(s) has/have had successful works (TBD).
  • A photograph exhibition (TBD)
  • A roundtable discussion or a film about the focusing topics of BftW (ie agroecology or limate change resilience) and the results achieved after 25 years in Vietnam at the central Television Channels. (TBD)
  • Celebration of the 25th years of operation in Vietnam and Laos in December

We are looking for a technician to support with all technical requirements setting up and carrying out the jubilee events.

Key activities

  • Conduct meetings with BftW to assess the event area where the events will take place (21. and 22. June).
  • Develop overall plan for the whole assignment (23. and 24. June).
  • Develop a layout for necessary technical equipment and related infrastructure.
  • List all technical equipment necessary for the events. Buy or rent the necessary items based on the written agreement of BftW.
  • Set up necessary technical equipment and related infrastructure in consultation with the involved media experts (on 01.07.21).
  • Be responsible for the final set up (on 07.07.21) and support during the event (on 08.07.21).

Expected deliverable

  • Fully functional technical equipment and infrastructures during the event carried out on 08.07.21.

Interested technicians are invited to send their offer to Ms. Bich at no later than June 15th, 2021.

Job Details
Organisation Name:
Application Deadline:
Tue, 2021-06-15

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