General Services Manager

The United States Peace Corps is a non-political, non-religious organization that will bring Americans to Viet Nam to serve as Peace Corps Volunteers. Volunteers will co-teach English language classes with Vietnamese teachers in secondary schools. The Peace Corps is serving in Viet Nam at the invitation of the Government of Viet Nam and working closely with Ministry of Education and Training with a goal to improve the English language skills of teachers and students. Peace Corps Volunteers commit to two years of service, will live with host families, and will support and co-lead additional school related activities in accordance with the school leadership. A new cohort of Volunteers will arrive each year. The Peace Corps was founded by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in 1961 to promote world peace and friendship. General information about the Peace Corps can be found on Position Title: General Services Manager Opening Date: February 26, 2021 Submission Date for first review: March 22, 2021, Open until filled Area of Consideration/Who may apply: All applicants must be a naturalized citizen or permanent resident of Viet Nam who are legally able to work within the country. Point of Contact: Peace Corps Human Resources - Market Value/Salary (per annum): US$ 20,075– US$ 30,125 + benefits Period of Performance/ Length of Contract/ Work Schedule: Definite term – five years/ Monday to Friday (40 hours per week). Peace Corps expects this contract to be continuing in nature for the contractor to perform under a series of sequential contracts, subject to the availability of funds. Place of Performance: Peace Corps Viet Nam, Peace Corps office Ha Noi. Security Level required: Local Security Certificate

Background information of the position

Under the supervision of the Director of Management and Operations (DMO), the General Services Manager (GSM) is responsible for: maintaining the physical inventory for the entire program, organizing the procurement of all supplies, the efficient operations of the motor pool and driver logistics, coordinating facilities maintenance and undertaking maintenance within responsibilities to make sure the facilities and residences are in good condition, management of the General Services team and the submission of all relevant reports to Peace Corps Headquarters. The General Services Manager will work closely with the DMO on the general services (GS) portions of the Post budget.


  • Education/Certification: University education. In lieu of university education 10+ years’ experience in a similar position may be considered.
  • Years of Experience: Minimum 5 years’ experience working as a logistics manager/officer. Tasks should have included administration, staff management and supervision, property/inventory management, procurement and acquisition, contracting, and vehicle fleet management.
  • Proficiency in oral and written English
  • General knowledge of logistics management
  • Understanding of inventory management process
  • Understanding of basic procurement principles
  • Knowledge of MS Office computer applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Valid driver’s license with a class “B” designation required
  • Proof of clean driving record from police is required
  • No prior at fault vehicle accidents and / or traffic citations/violations with the last 5 years
  • Excellent health and fitness as it relates to occasional physical labor
  • Experience working as a logistics manager / officer for an international organization
  • Knowledge of Shipping and Customs for Viet Nam
  • Skills and abilities with small equipment and vehicle maintenance is desired
  • A working knowledge of Viet Nam’s road systems, distances and conditions of travel
  • Experience working in a cross-cultural setting as a part of an international team

Duties and Responsibilities / Tasks and Deliverables

Facilities Management and Property Control
  • Ensures Peace Corps facilities, United States Direct Hire (USDH)/Peace Corps Medical Officer (PCMO) residences, and equipment remain in good working condition. Plans for and ensures scheduled maintenance is conducted by the GS team.
  • The GSM is the focal point for contact with representatives for contracted security agencies, cleaning companies, gardening services, and office/residence landlords on matters relating to property repairs, etc.
  • Liaises and maintains working relationship with the landlords to ensure that facilities are in compliance with the residential standards at all times.
  • Reviews all properties periodically for safety and security issues. Makes recommendations to the DMO for corrective action as necessary.
  • Ensures compliance with US Government (USG)/Peace Corps regulations in the allocation of residential space and maintenance of appropriate standards of staff living arrangements.
  • Ensure that offices premises are clean and green; and deploy the cleaners and gardener accordingly.
  • Responsible for coordination with Embassy for alarm installation, maintenance and system functions.
  • Analyzes performance of contractual staff/services (guards, cleaning services, equipment leases, office and residential maintenance, vehicle operations and maintenance, etc.) and uses this information as a guide for future negotiations, revisions and extensions.
  • Manages physical inventory of all Peace Corps property, including updating property database and preparation and submission of regular reports for Headquarters; manages disposal of property items and reporting on disposed property.
  • Works with the DMO on auctions and/or other disposal of Peace Corps property. Recommends disposal of unused, excess, obsolete or unserviceable equipment. Coordinates with US Embassy General Services Officer (GSO) for PC property auction
  • Coordinates semi-annual and annual inventory counts. Establishes and implements procedures to ensure that property is correctly signed out to staff/PC Volunteers (PCVs) and that it is maintained, safeguarded, and disposed of in accordance with USG policies.
  • Implements PC property management system – Sunflower for all PC properties for “Required to be Inventoried and Manually Tracked” properties. Works with Headquarters (HQ) for issues related with property management.
  • Be a focal person to deal with Staff and PCVs for issues related to PC properties.
  • Manage storage and works with General Services Assistant (GSA), Drivers, Janitor to make sure that PC properties are safe, guarded, and well maintained.
  • Serves as APC (Acceptance Point Clerk) for medical inventory.
Motor pool Management
  • Is familiar with and enforces PC/Viet Nam motor pool policy; assures USG regulations are followed by all drivers and passengers.
  • Ensures vehicle fleet is in compliance with all local requirements, including mandatory insurance, licensing, and registration. Maintains individual vehicle status files to include all pertinent legal documents and maintenance records.
  • Manages schedules and duties of the GS team and specific contractors.
  • Coordinates all motor pool logistics including driver schedules.
  • Ensures vehicles are repaired and refueled appropriately in a timely manner. Maintains a schedule of regular servicing and ensures vehicles are serviced on schedule.
  • Ensure that fuel and maintenance data are entered in Vehicle Management Information System (VMIS) on timely basis and reports are ready for verification and submission to Head Quarters on time as needed.
  • Prepares Duty driver roster and assign drivers with prompt response to emergencies related to PCVs.
  • Maintains and reviews vehicle log sheets periodically and provide to DMO for final review and signature,
  • Arrange and hire vehicles for PC Office event to transport PC Trainees (PCTs)/PCVs/Staff and materials to training site, permanent site etc. as required.
  • Accountable for vehicle fleet management including insurance coverage, maintenance, ordering, disposal, and new vehicle processing through US Embassy and registration via Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Transportation, Customs and local police.
  • Provides road tests for new staff, as applicable. Makes arrangements with Embassy for driver training. Assists and advises Peace Corps personnel who have been involved in vehicle accidents. Ensures completion of incident report.
  • Understands and applies safety and security policies and procedures regarding the Peace Corps vehicles.
  • Authorized to drive Peace Corps vehicles for official business.
  • Serve as duty driver in case of Emergencies.
Procurement and Logistics
  • Receives purchase requests from Post units, determines type of action necessary and sources from which the commodity or service are available, and prepares specifications and cost-estimates.
  • Perform market surveys, prepare Request for Quotations, reviews quotations from vendors and prepares summaries and analyses; recommends appropriate action to be taken based on price, vendor's capability, quality, reputation and similar factors.
  • Prepares selection memos for supplies and services procurements; drafts contracts for Contracting Officer to review and finalize.
  • Assist in recruiting GS staff and Pre-Service Training (PST) Driver. Prepares scopes of work, evaluates applications and checks references, and drafts selection memos for Contracting Officer to finalize.
  • Do the correspondence or advertisement for the purchases in accordance with Peace Corps procurement policies and procedures.
  • Follows competitive practices when researching potential property or conference space and arranges viewing of potential office and residential space when necessary. Provides support documentation for applicable waivers needed from Peace Corps for rental of official space.
  • Prepares data for budgeting purposes.
  • Under guidance of DMO, manages GS budget staying within Operational Plan amounts and identifying potential problem areas.
  • Under guidance of DMO, ensures timely payments on all property leases; works with local real estate agents to locate appropriate houses/apartments for USDH/PCMO.
  • Ensures timely payment of all GS associated invoices. Advises Cashier in advance of upcoming payments.
  • Supports medically evacuated Volunteers in making shipping arrangements of their personal effects and provides service of storage of personal effects.
  • Oversee and arrange PC official events working closely with other logistics team.
  • Serves as a liaison with Embassy GSO section, and other host country agency officers partnered with the Peace Corps program. Establishes and maintains close working relationships with officials of both government and private sectors in order to ensure appropriate cooperation and support for Peace Corps operations/activities.
  • Works closely with US Embassy GSO in the preparation of new Peace Corps Trainees arrival.
  • Assist Training unit and PST admin staff to prepare for PST with logistics, properties, transportation and procurement.
  • Coordinates for shipping and receiving activities with the U.S. Embassy shipping and customs unit and relevant Vietnamese agencies and ministries.
  • Coordinates and/ or directs GSA and drivers for pick up/deliveries of mail, documents, and packages to/from post office, the American Embassy or other designated sites on a daily or as needed basis. Transports supplies, equipment, materials, mail, and other communications to and from the Peace Corps office for official events.
  • Develops and maintains close working relationships with US Embassy GSO staff and relevant Government of Viet Nam personnel on issues pertaining to Peace Corps’ logistics operations.
  • Provides support for USDH staff in securing driver’s licenses, registering personal vehicles, coordinating customs clearance and logistics for Unaccompanied Air Baggage (UAB), House Hold Effects (HHE) and other shipments, moving into or out of residences.
  • Coordinates with medical unit for all medical orders, customs clearance and delivery.
  • Conducts presentations at in-service and pre-service trainings representing Management and  Operations Department.
  • Provides Volunteer support in coordinating and assisting with transfer of Volunteer baggage and belongings on arrival, to training sites, and as needed. Catalogs and organizes shipment of personal property for medically evacuated Volunteers.
  • Coordinates GS team to assist with market basket surveys and procurement, management, issuance, and collection of Volunteer settling-in items.
Other Duties
  • May be designated limited supervisory responsibilities if assigned by the Country Director and with the approval of the Regional Director. Personal services contractors (PSCs) may only supervise other PSCs. (See MS 732 and the Overseas Contracting Handbook)
  • May be designated as a receiving officer if assigned by the Country Director and with the approval of the Regional Director. Responsibilities as a receiving officer include accurate review of goods or services, their accompanying invoices, and the purchase order/contract to ensure that the specifications, quality, amounts, price, timeliness, etc. of the goods are consistent with the terms and conditions of the contract/purchase order after successful completion of the requisite training to perform receiving duties. (See MS 511, the Personal Property Management Handbook and OFMH 19)
  • Acceptance Point Clerk (APC): The APC is appointed by the CD and is responsible for physically receiving all medical supplies and equipment at post and for verifying order receipt by using form PC734B (Receiving Report/Transfer Log – Attachment B). The APC must be staff who are not a member of the Health Unit staff, and cannot serve in any other capacity related to the inventory.
  • Supports other teams as needed taking on back-up support responsibilities and carrying out duties and responsibilities of agreed upon positions when deemed necessary by the Country Director and/or Supervisor for the successful management of Peace Corps operations in Viet Nam.
  • Other duties as assigned

Standard Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Occasional Money Handler (OMH): may be requested to courier cash and /or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to Pre-Service Training/In-Service Training site, or other locations as directed by the Contracting Officer. The PSC may also be requested to courier cash to PC trainees or volunteers. The PSC will not be functioning as a procurement or disbursing official but will only be acting as an intermediary between the Contracting or Disbursing Officer and the recipient. In the case of dealing with vendors, the PSC will not exercise any procurement discretion concerning the supplies or services to be purchased or the cost limits of these purchases; these will be determined by the Contracting Officer.
  2. Safety &Security:
All members of the Peace Corps team must be familiar with the Emergency Action Plan, their responsibilities in the event of an emergency, and with the procedures for reporting and responding to safety and security incidents. The duties and responsibilities, particularly as they concern Volunteers and Trainees, include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Works with drivers to ensure that safety and security standards are met for appropriate Peace Corps vehicle operation and maintenance.
  • Coordinates with Safety and Security Manager (SSM) to ensure that emergency radios or other communication devices are in good working order.
  • Supports the DMO in planning and conducting fire drills and duck and cover drills.
  • Supports completion of necessary safety and security upgrades to office, USDH staff residences, and other Peace Corps facilities.
  • Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.
  • Coordinates with the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) to assist in the coordination of meeting places for all Volunteers and Trainees during Consolidation and/or Evacuation phases, if necessary.
  • Is available for duty on a 24-hour basis, in order to respond to emergencies involving volunteers and staff. Will be expected to work additional hours as needed, including holidays and weekends, to coordinate and provide management support for the Peace Corps in extraordinary events and official functions.
  • Acts as Duty Officer as assigned: A Duty Officer is “on call” 24/7 for a one-week period, is restricted from travel during that period, and must be available through the Duty Officer cell phone at all times. The Duty Officer works closely with the Safety and Security Manager.
Evaluation and Selection Criteria: Applications will be initially screened for eligibility in accordance with the required qualifications mentioned above. Those applicants who meet the required qualifications will be scored based on the preferred qualifications. Highest scoring candidates will be called in for an interviews, language and skills test (presentations, excel/word tests). Performance from all interviews and skills test will be considered as a whole package to ensure the best candidate is selected that meets the needs of the Peace Corps mission. Professional reference checks will be conducted for selected candidates.

How to apply:

Please submit the following in English by email (with your name and the position you are applying for in as the subject of the email) as one PDF file to
  1. Application Cover Letter
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Closing date: Applications should be received 6:00 pm Friday, March 22, 2021 for consideration in the first review. Position remains open until filled. Applications for one position maybe considered for any current open position. No phone calls or personal visits related to this vacancy will be accepted. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. All applicants must pass a background/security investigation and a medical certification. Any contract offer with the US Peace Corps is contingent upon a candidate’s ability to secure the necessary certifications. All applicants must be a naturalized citizen of the host country or must have the required work permit or documentation that permits the applicant to work legally in the country in order to be eligible for consideration. The application must contain all the information necessary to demonstrate that the candidate possesses the education, experience, skills and language abilities required for this position.

Benefits and Allowances:

BENEFITS: · One-month basic salary Tet Bonus · Contribution to mandatory insurances pursuant to GVN’s law/ regulations including social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance. · Coverage of additional health insurance 90% for incumbent and each eligible family member · Annual and sick leave according to local labor law ALLOWANCES (as applicable):
  • Unique Condition Work allowance: 7% of Annual basic salary (upon annual review).
  • Miscellaneous Benefits Allowance: US$1,000 per annum or US$3,000 per annum
The Peace Corps is both a federal agency and a vehicle through which American citizens offer needed assistance to people around the world and, in doing so, promote greater cross-cultural understanding between Americans and the people of the host countries. The fulfillment of the Peace Corps’ mission to foster greater understanding among the world’s citizens requires that we adhere to the highest standards with respect to equal employment opportunity for all Volunteers, employees, and applicants. The U.S. Peace Corps Vietnam will provide equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, ethnicity, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, pregnancy and maternity or sexual orientation. The Peace Corps will also strive to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs. Discrimination based on factors that have no bearing on a person’s ability to serve and perform his or her duties is not permitted and will not be tolerated. LINK Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position

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