Part-time STC for financial protection

# 011 – Job title: National consultant in financial protection to support Universal Health Coverage team of WHO in Viet Nam.

1. Background

WHO supports Member States, including Viet Nam, to monitor progress towards. Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including target 3.8.2 on financial protection. Over the past few decades, Viet Nam has shown significant declines in poverty and improvements in health outcomes. Along with this progress and increasing demands on access to quality health services are increasing challenges to financing these services and ensuring financial protection. Financial protection is defined as incurring high out-of-pocket health expenditure or household health expenditure out of total household expenditure. With the health financing and broader public administrative reforms, it is critical to track how much people have to spend from their own resources towards health. In Viet Nam, the General Statistics Office (GSO) has the mandate to monitor the Viet Nam SDGs, including financial protection. WHO is keen to support GSO in these efforts and proposes to collaborate closely with GSO and other key stakeholders, including the Ministry of Health, Viet Nam Social Security and academia to produce and use financial protection information as evidence for policy development.

2. Objective

To provide technical assistance in financial protection to support the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Team of the World Health Organization Representative Office in Viet Nam.

3. Work to be performed

Method(s) to carry out the activity The consultant can work remotely if needed. The work will involve but not be limited to; coordinating across partners, participating in meetings and workshops, and providing technical support to estimation of financial protection, including analysis of data and trends. The consultant will provide support to the UHC team, General Statistics Office, and relevant stakeholders in the estimation of financial protection indicators, related analyses, and documentation. Output/s Under the overall supervision of the UHC Team Leader, the consultant will support the UHC team on the following outputs: Output 1: Prepare household survey data for the analysis of financial protection for Viet Nam, including preparation of data for capacity building workshop in March 2021 Output 2: Produce financial protection statistics with a focus on disaggregation by age, wealth index, and gender composition of the household to conduct equity analyses; and similar analyses for health service utilization and forgone care (if included in survey) Output 3: Submit the following supporting documents and data files to WHO Survey documents: • Metadata and data dictionary • All datasets produced during the analysis in all formats • All STATA do-files or other code used for the analysis • Viet Nam country report Deliverable/s Deliverable 1: Edited version of the data ready to produce financial protection and health service utilization indicators and data dictionary of the edited and raw version data (10 days, by 26 March 2021) Deliverable 2: Draft of metadata for each survey analysed (1994-2020) (10 days, by 16 April 2021). Deliverable 3: Excel and STATA data and do-files at meso level and with financial protection and health service utilization statistics (20 days, by 30 June 2021). Deliverable 4: Trend analyses (1994-2020) and report on financial protection and health service utilization in Viet Nam (20 days, by 31 December 2021)

4. Specific requirements

a. Qualifications required: Essential: Bachelor degree in relevant areas including medicine, public health, health policy, health financing, health economics, statistics, or related social science from a recognised university. Desirable: Postgraduate degree in relevant areas including public health, health financing, health economics, statistics, or related social science from a recognised university. b. Experience required: Essential: Demonstrated experience in household survey micro data analysis with a specific focus on any of the following type of surveys: household budget surveys, household living standard surveys, household income and expenditure surveys, household socio-economic surveys; and Desirable: Demonstrated experience in the analysis of financial protection, poverty or equity in health financing; experience working on financial protection estimation in Viet Nam. c. Skills / Technical skills and knowledge: • Excellent knowledge of STATA • Strong analytical and communication skills • Ability to write, handle quantitative data and work independently • Knowledge of the health system in Viet Nam desirable d. Language requirements: • Expert Vietnamese; fluent English e. Competencies • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team or independently • Produces results • Builds and promotes partnerships • Fosters integration and teamwork

5. Place of assignment

Under the guidance of the UHC-HLE Team Coordinator and relevant technical staff, the consultant will be based off-site.

6. Medical clearance

As the vacancy posting is for an off-site short-term consultant, a medical clearance is not required.

7. Travel

The short-term consultant is not expected to travel outside of Hanoi. Those who are interested can contact our focal person with contact detail at the end of the announcement before/by 14 March 2021 and should be addressed to: Administrative Officer World Health Organization UN Building, 304 Kim Ma Street, Hanoi, Viet Nam OR For further information on this TOR, please contact: Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position

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