National Consultant

VN#032 - Job Title: The National Consultant on public health/health impacts from air pollution

Location: Hanoi

Closing date: 23 June 2021

1. Background:

Air pollution is a leading cause of disease and premature death in the world. Around the world an average of 6.5 million deaths per year related to air pollution, of which 3 million from outdoor air pollution, 2/3 of the deaths are in Southeast Asia and in the Western Pacific, 94% of air pollution deaths are related to cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pneumonia, and lung cancer. PM2.5 is considered the most dangerous air pollutant to health.

Ambient air pollution has become a major threat to public health in Viet Nam. Public awareness of the detrimental effects of air pollution on health is increasing. WHO estimated that air pollution is accountable to around 60,000 deaths each year. Dust pollution level in urban areas remains high. The concentration of NO2, CO tends to increase in some traffic hot spots.

The Government of Viet Nam approved the national action plan on controlling air quality in 2016.Further to this national action plan, in early 2021, the Government of Viet Nam issued the Directive No 03 for controlling air pollution which assigned the Ministry of Health (MoH) to conduct assessment of health impact of air pollution and propose solutions.

In March 2021, the WHO Country Office in Viet Nam received a letter from the Health Environment Management Agency (VIHEMA) of MoH seeking WHO’s technical and financial supports to develop (1) a set of advisories/alerts on health preventive measures during peaks of air pollution for communities and (2) mechanisms to disseminate advisories/alerts through appropriate channels.

Currently Vietnamese people have access to daily weather forecast programs and air quality news on mass medial channels, social media network Zalo and the website of Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) with a brief explanation on the value of AQI and possible health impacts. However, these messages are too general. Sensitive groups may need to know more details on what they should do to actively prevent health impacts during air pollution peaks.

As part of its technical assistance responding to this request, WHO is recruiting 01 national consultant on public health/health impacts from air pollution for development of a set of advisories/alerts to protect human health during peaks of air pollution for dissemination to public in Viet Nam.

2. Planned timelines Part time for 5 months

Start date: 25 June 2021

End date: 25 November 2021

Number of working days as a consultant: 29

3. Work to be performed

Purpose of the consultancy

To provide consulting service in the aspect of public health/health impacts from air pollution to support Viet Nam Health Environment Management Agency (VIHEMA) to develop a set of advisories/alerts on health impacts during peaks of air pollution and a mechanism and process to deliver to the public in Viet Nam.

Method(s) to carry out the activity

- In general, a selected national consultant in public health/health impacts from air pollution issues will carry out his or her work based on this ToR in the linkage with the approved DFC proposal from VIHEMA (MoH) which is approved by WHO.

- The selected national consultant will work closely with 02 other national consultants, an international consultant and a technical team organized by VIHEMA (MoH), including focal points from VIHEMA to conduct his or her work such as development of a draft set of advisories/alerts on human health protection during peaks of air pollution and set up delivery process and system.

- The selected consultant will also be responsible for joining the piloting set of advisories/alerts to deliver to public on mass media in 03 provinces/cities.


Output 1: A report on desk reviewing and analysis of experience and practice on health preventive measures against air pollution and a delivery system to disseminate advisories/alerts messages during peaks of air pollution to the public in Viet Nam and in other countries in the region

Output 2: Draft set of advisories/alerts on health impacts from peaks of air pollution with the aspects of health impacts to vulnerable groups in the peaks of air pollution (messages, measures for delivery of advisories/alerts, mechanism and process for delivery of the set of advisories/alerts)

Output 3: Report on results of piloting the draft set of advisories/alerts to deliver to public on mass media in 03 provinces/cities in the aspect of health impacts from air pollution

4. Specific requirements

Qualifications required:

 At least University degree in public health, health and respiratory diseases caused by air pollution or environmental health issues or other relevant areas from a recognized medical university. Experience required:

 The consultant shall (a) have at least 7 years of experience: in research in policy, communication for public health, respiratory diseases, health impacts from air pollution or environmental health issues etc.

 Research experience on air pollution in developing countries is an asset. Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:

 Research and analysis skills on environmental health issues, air pollution and health impacts.

 Knowledge on air pollution aspects, air quality in the countries in the world or in the region.

 Experience and skills in multi-country comparison study

 Communication skills.

 Teamwork spirit, co-ordinating skills are needed for this post.

Language requirements:

 Excellent in writing and speaking English.

 Fluency in Vietnamese as a mother tongue. Competencies

 Technical Expertise

 Producing Results

 Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

 Communication

5. Place of assignment

The contractor is expected to mainly work at his/her own places in Hanoi and travel to conduct piloting in 3 cities/provinces.

6. Medical clearance

The selected Consultant will be expected to provide a medical certificate of fitness for work.

7. Travel

The Consultant is expected to travel according to the itinerary and estimated schedule below:

Travel dates Location:

From 25 June 2021 To 25 Nov. 2021 Hanoi, Hue, Can Tho

Purpose: To visit some selected provinces/cities to gather information and piloting set of advisories/alerts to deliver to public on mass media

8. Budget

Please take note of the following when submitting application:

- The contractor will be responsible for paying taxes, if any.

Application letters and updated CVs in English should be received on/or before 23 June 2021 and should be addressed to:

Administrative Officer

World Health Organization

UN Building, 304 Kim Ma Street,

Hanoi, Viet Nam


For further information on this Call for Expressions of Interest, please contact:

Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position Du lịch nhật bản, hướng dẫn du lịch Nhật và đánh giá địa điểm Nhật Bản Japan travel news, japan travel guides, japan holiday destinations and japan reviews

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