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Call for Expressions of Interest and Proposal

#038 - Job Title: To support the introduction of WHO’s strategic framework of the Reaching the Unreached (RTU) and Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) model in Viet Nam.

1. Background:

[Information provided herewith should be general to people outside of WHO to understand, must not contain internal information]

Reaching the un-reached population has been identified as one of four priority thematic areas and is well presented in the Regional strategic programmatic paper “For the Future”. Unreached population is defined as the people who have less access to effective, quality health improving actions and services and poorer health outcomes than is possible within their country. This focus is not just limited to populations who lack access to health improving actions or services. It also includes populations who may have access, but the services available are insufficient nor responsive for their need and/or lacks the quality necessary to equalize outcomes with the better off in a country (UNDSG 2019).

Moreover, reaching the un-reached is regarded as a cross-cutting theme across the other priorities (health security; NCD and ageing; and climate change), and require a whole of Government and whole of health system approach. VN country office plan to step up with more activities, in conjunction with the Government, in identifying un-reached groups, understanding their specific needs, and unpacking the systemic and service delivery issues that hinder their access to needed services, and come up with a workable strategic approach to eliminating the gaps.

In conjunction with the work in reaching the un-reached, and in the context of rapid population aging in Vietnam, older people are regarded vulnerable and have their health needs currently not met by the existing service delivery system. Beside disease and health conditions like any other age groups, older people face age-related functional declines which seriously affect their well-being while the current service delivery system is not yet ready to provide.

To address their specific needs, WHO has developed guidelines on integrated care for older people (ICOPE) which then has been introduced, via series of training for district and commune medical staff in several provinces in Vietnam, by the country office. ICOPE model can serve as an example on how to address specific needs of an un-reach population group. The country office plans to pilot this new care model and gain more practical experiences before this model can be adopted and administered by health system. The lessons learnt from ICOPE model can feed into strategic framework on service delivery reform to reach other un-reached population.

The purpose of this consultancy is to support the country office in moving the work in the above areas.

2. Work to be performed

[All tasks and outputs to be listed here]

Under the supervision of the Coordinator, Universal Health Coverage and Healthy Lifestyle and

Environment Team at the WHO Representative Office for Viet Nam, the consultant is required to report to the WHO

Representative Office for Viet Nam at full time basis and deliver the following outputs.


 Output 1: WHO’s strategic framework of the Reaching the Unreached (RTU) successfully introduced to Viet Nam

o Deliverable 1-1: Priority unreached population group in Viet Nam identified

o Deliverable 1-2: Health system approach to reach prioritized unreached population

developed for further consultation

o Deliverable 1-3: A country consultation on WHO’s strategic framework of the Reaching the Unreached (RTU)

convened with national counterparts in Viet Nam

 Output 2: Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) model in Viet Nam successfully rolled out in Viet Nam in conjunction with RTU approach

o Deliverable 2-1: a draft implementation plan for ICOPE pilot in Hai Phong

o Deliverable 2-2: guidelines on integrated care model addressing needs of older people and their NCD conditions, and serving as inputs for RtU framework consultation.

3. Specific requirements

Qualifications required:

- Education:

o Essential: A University degree in relevant fields such as medicine, public health, social science or economics from a recognized university

o Desirable: A master’s degree in relevant areas including medicine, public health, social science or economics from a recognized university

Experience required:

- Experience:

o Essential: At least five (5) years of experience in relevant areas including medicine and public health

o Desirables: Experience working in or with Government Agency, UN organizations or NGO

Skills / Technical skills and knowledge:

- Knowledge on health system, health policy, health equity

- Knowledge on prevention and management of main communicable and non-communicable disease of public health importance in Viet Nam

- Knowledge on the role and current challenges of Vietnam health service delivery system including grass root health care system

- Proven skills in interacting with various government levels and facilitating policy discussions

Language requirements:

Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English and Vietnamese


- Good coordination and communication skills across different technical programmes and partners.

- Ability to establish harmonious working relationships and teamwork and adapt to diverse educational and cultural

backgrounds and maintain high level of personal conduct.

- Ability to demonstrate gender equality and cultural appropriateness within the office and among partners.

- Fostering integration and teamwork

5. Place of assignment

Ha Noi, Viet Nam (the consultant is expected to work full time at the WHO Representative Office for Viet Nam)

6. Medical clearance

The selected Consultant will be expected to provide a medical certificate of fitness for work.

7. Travel

The Consultant is expected to travel where and when required by the Manager. Any travel will follow the appropriate WHO rules and regulations for travel and be arranged by WHO.

8. Budget

Please take note of the following when submitting application:

- The contractor will be responsible for paying taxes, if any.

Those who are interested can contact our focal person with contact detail at the end of the announcement before/by 23 July 2021

The below paragraph to be added when necessary:

Full proposal with estimation of costs, description of technical team, and supporting documents should be received on/or 23 July 2021 and should be addressed to

Administrative Officer

World Health Organization

UN Building, 304 Kim Ma Street,

Hanoi, Viet Nam


For further information on this TOR, please contact:

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