Consultancy Service



1. Background

Good Neighbors International (GNI) is an international nongovernmental organization, currently operating in 40 countries worldwide. Good Neighbors International in Vietnam has officially started operation since 2005 with projects of child sponsor, education, income generation, water & sanitation and emergency relief.

From 2015, GNI Vietnam (GNV) has supported people in Mai Chau District to develop livelihood by raising pig, through supports provided for IG groups and cooperatives, including Muong Pa Black pig cooperative, which was established in 2018. At now, Muong Pa Cooperative has 66 members in 2/15 communes in Mai Chau District and plans to expand more in the future. The cooperative is growing to play a center role in pig black value chain in Mai Chau District, providing input services for raising pigs, bulk buying and supplying pig meat for the market. With that orientation, the cooperative hopes that in the future, it will contribute to the development of black pig farming tradition, and local economic development by raising black pig.

Pig meat is one of meats popularly used by people as a food source. At now, the proportion of pork in the “food basket” still accounts for 70% of total meat demand. In the market, the African swine fever has made the price of pig and pig meat increase. According to a survey conducted on December 19, highest price of pig was up to 96,000 VND/kg. In other provinces Tuyen Quang, Thai Binh, Phu Tho and Hanoi City, the price of pig ranges at 92,000 – 93,000 VND/kg. Also according to forecasts, the price of pig and pig meat will continue increasing more.

Hanoi City is one of the major pig meat markets in the country. The city’s population is 10 million and people here consume 1,000 tons of pig meat every day. Pig meat consumption habits of customers in Hanoi City are also changing, gradually moving to high-quality products with clear originality. This is considered a very potential market for black pig meat of Muong Pa Black pig cooperative. GNI and Muong Pa Black pig cooperative plan to open a store to distribute (sell) black pig market directly to consumers in Hanoi City. With that orientation, GNI will carry out the activity “Conduct research on market and customer’s habit of pig meat in Hanoi City” to collect more information for the opening of distribution store of Muong Pa Black pig cooperative.

Purpose and expected outcome


To evaluate competitive products, competitor and habit, requirements of customer for black pig meat of Muong Pa Cooperative.

Expected outcome:

01 survey report which focuses on following contents:

  • Characteristics of products and competitors of the cooperative when opening the store in Hanoi City.
  • Consumption habits and trends as well as customer’s requirements in terms of quality, price for pig meat.
  • Recommendation/proposal for GNI and Muong Pa Black pig cooperative when opening pig meat store in Hanoi City.

2. Survey object and place

  • Survey place: The research will be conducted in the urban districts of Hanoi City.
  • Survey object:

    • Consumer of pig meat
    • Food stores/supermarket chains that sell safe pig meat
  • Scale of survey

    • Survey for customer: according to proposal  
    • Survey for store/supermarket that sells pig meat: 10 chains/stores
  • Implementing time: 1/2021

3. Sample questions

3.1. Market and supply system of high quality pig and pig meat (organic pigs, herbs, etc.) in Hanoi City.

  • Which system is distributing pig meat?
  • Characteristics of product: package, label, preservation conditions, etc.
  • Price?
  • Characteristics of distribution? Daily sale? Periodical sale
  • Consumption/daily/weekly/monthly

3.2. Characteristics of pig meat consumption

  • Consumption amount/daily/weekly
  • Place and time of buying?
  • Type of meat often used?
  • Price
  • Buy from which supplier? Place (market, store, etc.)
  • Buying method (online, direct, etc.)
  • How to evaluate quality of products
  • Criteria when selecting product to buy?

3.3. Requirements of consumers and paying capacity  for pig meat (high quality)

  • History of consuming pig meat
  • Quality criteria for pig meat
  • Paying capacity for pig meat

4          Implementation plan



Planned schedule


Meeting with GNI to agree on content, method and expected outcome

4th week of January 2021


Develop outline of reporting and survey tools

4th week of January 2021


Agree with GNI on implementation plan, sample selection, survey method, survey form

1st week of February 2021


Conduct survey, collect information

1st – 2nd week of March 2021


Consolidate, analyze information to draft survey report

3rd week of March 2021


Consolidate, analyze, write report and present the survey results

4th week of March 2021

5. Duties of consultant

  • Develop proposal, documents related to the survey;
  • Agree with GNI and relevant parties on survey method and content;
  • Survey to collect information
  • Use reliable software for data analysis;
  • Summarize, write report and report survey results to GNI (in English and Vietnamese)

6. Requirements for consultant/consultant group

  • Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Rural Development, Community Development, Agricultural Economy or any related fields.
  • Group leader must have at least 10 years in experience (so far) of continually and directly conducting survey market for agricultural products.
  • Have collaborated or worked with nongovernmental organizations.
  • Have good community skills and pedagogical ability.
  • English level B2 (European framework) or equivalent.
  • Have good report writing and presentation skill.

7. Application

  • Technical proposal includes the budget plan
  • CV of consultant/capacity profile      

8. Deadline for receiving application

Deadline for submitting application is on 15/01/2021.

Job Details
Organisation Name:
Application Deadline:
Fri, 2021-01-15
Candidates have to confirm having received the recruitment information through the recruiting channel NGO Recruitment in the application letter for this position

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