Mr. Sun Program Coordinator

Title: Mr. Sun Program Coordinator

Program: Mr. Sun

Reports: Mr. Sun Program Manager

Station: Ho Chi Minh City/or VC Office

Brief Description

The Coordinator will possess first-hand working experience, skills and knowledge of social work case management. The Coordinator will facilitate the cases of multiple young patients, in the hospital environment primarily, with hospital staff from the selection process of ‘who receives assistance’ to hospital discharge and at home follow-up. The Coordinator is the interface between Mr. Sun’s intention to bring holistic assistance to poor children with cancer and their families and the implementation of that passion. Good communication and record keeping skills are required as well as a compassionate heart to work successfully with patients, families, doctors, nurses, hospital office staff and other resource networks.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with Hospital to choose children for Mr. Sun to support. Meet with the families to understand the medical, financial and emotional needs of the patient and families.

  • Determine the extent of the needs and work with VCF team, hospital staff and other relevant parties, ie, DOLISA, insurance carriers, etc., to maximize the assistance to both patients and families.

  • Work with relevant government entities to achieve program goals.

  • Serve as liaison between hospital and patient’s families to assist parents and to also collaborate with other health professionals/providers to ensure that healing is as successful as possible.

  • Provide patient’s families with education and counseling.

  • Make referrals to other services, case management interventions, planning hospital discharge and organizing parents support groups.

  • Maintain case history records and prepare reports.

  • Participate in training and VCF team meetings.

  • Do translations of documents and interpretation.

  • Responsible for keeping track of expenses and receipts.

  • Understand and abide by the policies and procedures of VCF.

  • Assist with administrative, general office management and public relations efforts.

  • Help with other employer assigned tasks.

  • Assist Program Manager as required.


  • Medical background or At least bachelor degree in social work or some medical field is required plus 2 years experience in social work in the hospital setting.

  • The Coordinator will have the management and communication experience to coordinate all activities, transportation, counseling, appointments, parent support groups and documentation of expenses and budget.

  • The Coordinator must be mature and have a compassionate heart.  This is top priority to succeed in this position.  Dedication, perceptiveness and commitment to discern and fill in the gaps of services, as well as, being a problem solver is required.

  • Possesses a history of professionalism.

  • lternatively, the Coordinator who has no relevant medical university degree can have been trained for 5 years by competent Social Work Case Managers in the hospital environment and performed social work.

  • Fluent in English and Vietnamese.

  • Excellent in World, Excel, PowerPoint.

  • Proven ability to work in a team work setting.

Interested candidates should send applications to no later than 30/09/2020

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